FlexDeploy - Oracle Data Integrator Plugin Guide

The Oracle Data Integrator plugin, built using the ODI SDK, allows migration of generated scenarios from development repositories into execution repositories.

Supported Versions

  • 12.1.x
  • 12.2.x

Key Features

  • Highly configurable packaging options
  • Deploy Patch Deployment Archives
    • Apply patches created from Repository or VCS
    • Automatically create rollback patches before applying @since
    • Optionally apply physical topology data @since
  • Build and deploy scenarios
    • Multi-threaded for high throughput
    • Change detection to avoid deploying unmodified scenarios
    • Automatically migrate scenario folders linked to scenarios

Plugin Operations

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  • If you have ODI configured for external authentication, the following will need to be added to the endpoint's source script:
export FLEXAGON_FD_PLUGIN_JAVA_ARGS="-Doracle.security.jps.config=<DOMAIN_HOME>/config/fmwconfig/jps-config-jse.xml"
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