FlexDeploy - ORDS Plugin Guide

ORDS plugin allows export and import of ORDS modules. Users can create instance for ORDS schema and configure it with LOCALHOST endpoint and URL, Credentials and JDBC driver path. Then one or more projects can be created to export and import modules. ORDS module projects can be included in FlexDeploy release as well to setup Continuous Delivery. Users can also write workflows to commit exported modules to SCM like Git, Subversion.

Supported Versions

  • 19.1
  • Previous versions (18.x, 17.4) not tested but are supported.
  • Version 3.0.x is not supported at this time.

Key Features

  • No manual scripting required.
  • No client necessary, just needs Oracle JDBC driver.

Plugin Operations

Configuration Guidelines

FlexDeploy Project Recommendations

ORDS ComponentFlexDeploy Project NameNotes
ORDS ModuleORDS Module Name

Manage single ORDS module per FlexDeploy project.

You can either export ORDS module in build workflow or source module from SCM.

If you source module from SCM then developers can either commit module SQL file to SCM or you can setup utility workflow to perform automated commits of module to SCM.

Topology Setup Recommendations

  • Create FlexDeploy Instance with name of REST enabled schema that contains ORDS modules. i.e. if you have more than one REST enabled schema, each one will be represented as FlexDeploy Instance.
  • You can use LOCALHOST endpoint as all operations are doing using JDBC drivers. This means that you do not need additional endpoints to be setup on database server.

Configuration Examples

Topology Configuration

Project Configuration

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