FlexDeploy - DockerBench Plugin Guide

The DockerBench plugin provides an extension to the docker-bench-security.sh. Anything that can be done in the shell script can be done through the plugin. Contrary to plugins like Anchore, docker-bench-security scans your entire Docker Installation for vulnerabilities or best practice violations.

Supported Versions

  • Docker version 18.06+ (Older versions of Docker may work but have not been tested)
  • Windows is NOT supported

Key Features

  • Automatically downloads the docker-bench-security.sh. No configuration/setup is needed in your environment or FlexDeploy.
  • Provides useful outputs for evaluating the results of the scan in FlexDeploy


All operations in this plugin supply the same set of outputs which can be seen below:

Output NameDescription
FDDKBENCH_OUT_CHECKSThe number of checks ran by the scan. This can vary depending on the number of images/containers in your docker install.
FDDKBENCH_OUT_SCOREThe overall score of the scan.

Plugin Operations

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