FlexDeploy - Oracle CX Commerce Plugin Guide

FlexDeploy Oracle Commerce Cloud plugin helps with implementation of DevOps practices for CX Commerce Files, Page Layouts, and Server Side Extensions.

Supported Versions

  • Oracle Commerce Cloud (Classic) versions

Key Features

  • Supports automated build and deploy of CX Commerce Files, Page Layouts, and Server Side Extensions for Oracle Commerce Cloud.

Integration Instance Properties

FlexDeploy supports creation of OCC cloud instances. The following properties will be configured for each Instance. These properties are available to all operations.

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription
FDOCCACCT_BASE_URLOracle CX App URLYesURL of the Oracle CX Commerce environment. e.g. https://ccadmin-z1bd.oracleoutsourcing.com

Application key for registered application. You can register application and retrieve App Key.

This is available in Admin UI under Settings - Web APIs - Registered Applications.

Plugin Operations

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