FlexDeploy - Oracle MFT Plugin Guide

The MFT plugin automates the process of deploying MFT artifacts and ftp users using partial deployment. Users should select the files that they wish to be transferred.

Supported Versions

  • 12.1.3+
  • Both PaaS in Oracle Cloud and on-premise environments are supported and tested.
  • Windows and Linux installations are supported as of

Key Features

  • Exports Transfers, Sources, Targets and Config Plans from MFT to expedite and automate storing them in Source Control.
    • Renames the exported artifacts to the name of the Transfer, Source, or Target during the exportTransfer operation.
  • Builds custom packages containing Transfers, Sources, Targets, and Config Plans for future Deployment.
  • Deploys Transfers, Sources, and Targets using Config Plans.
  • Supports deploying user ftp/sftp permissions.
  • Automatically orders artifacts on deployment so that you don't have to.

Plugin Operations

Supported Object Types

FlexDeploy has support for MFT Artifacts (including but not limited to Transfers, Sources, Targets, and their associated config plans, User Permissions on the embedded ftp and sftp server, and MFT Credentials.

  1. MFT Credentials
  2. Artifacts
  3. User Properties
  4. Other

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