FlexDeploy - Informatica Plugin Guide

The Informatica plugin provides a means to deploy Informatica Deployment Groups across environments. It replaces the time consuming steps of clicking next over and over again with automation.

Current plugin features are based on migration from one environment to other, which is different than FlexDeploy traditional build - save artifacts - deploy to more than one environment approach. Keep this mind when you plan to use FlexDeploy Informatica plugin.

Supported Versions

  • The Informatica plugin was tested on 9.5.1 HS4, but is expected to be compatible with many other versions.

Key Features

  • Can deploy deployment groups from one environment to another.
  • Uses an XML control file on the Informatica endpoint to determine the options that the UI would typically present. This allows the values to be filled in instantly and accurately every time.

Plugin Operations

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