FlexDeploy - Maven Plugin Guide

The Maven plugin provides a means to run Maven operations on a maven project.


Supported Versions

The Maven Plugin ships with Maven version 3.05, the same version bundled with JDeveloper 12c.

  • Supports the standard Maven Lifecycle Phases
  • Supports Maven arguments
  • Supports sourcing a script to set properties before the execution begins.

Key Features

  • Use existing Maven POMs
  • Maven is bundled in the plugin, so no need to install Maven on endpoints.
  • As of version, external Maven executions return test results back to FlexDeploy for use by Test Definitions.


Plugin Operations



If you need to customize your maven options, you can edit the ~/.m2/settings.xml on the endpoint, just like if you are editing it for a regular maven user. It is important to make the changes on the endpoint, not the FlexDeploy server, and make sure to perform the configuration changes using the same user that FlexDeploy will login as on the endpoint. You can copy the .m2 folder from another machine if that is easier, or install Maven on the endpoint so that it is created for you and then edit it. This is the easiest way to configure Maven to have settings that apply to all future workflows. The same configuration options can likely be added into the Arguments plugin input, but would need to be entered each time that a new workflow with Maven in it is created.

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