FlexDeploy - Perforce Plugin Guide

The FlexDeploy Perforce plugin makes it easy to interact with source code stored in the Perforce depot. FlexDeploy allows users to configure Perforce depot connection details in instances which are shared by various projects. The project specific configuration is stored separately in the projects which allows for easy export, label operations during workflow executions.

  • Create an SCM Instance for Perforce and define the URL, User and Password information. You can also validate the connection when creating SCM Instances.
  • In your project configuration, select Perforce as SCM Type, select the instance that you created, and provide details like main and branch depot path, label name etc. which are defined as Groovy scripts.

Supported Versions

  • 2016.1+

Key Features

  • Can check out and export files from a Perforce depot.
  • Can add or delete files from a depot.

Instance Properties

FlexDeploy supports creation of Perforce instances and the following properties will be configured for each Instance. These properties are available to all operations.

Property Name

Property Code



Perforce HostFDPERF_HOSTYesThe address of the Perforce host to connect to.
Perforce PortFDPERF_PORTYesThe port on the host to use.
Perforce UserFDPERF_USERYes

The user to connect to the depot as.

Perforce User PasswordFDPERF_PASSWORDYes

The password to use.

Perforce SSL ConnectionFDPERF_IS_SSLYesConnect using SSL.
Perforce Timeout


NoTimeout in milliseconds used for perforce server connections.

The Perforce Server at release 2012.1 or higher supports 256-bit SSL connections.  Due to current US export control restrictions for some countries, the standard JDK package only comes with 128 bit encryption level cyphers. In order to use P4Java to connect to an SSL-enabled Perforce server, those living in eligible countries may download the unlimited strength JCE (Java Cryptography Extension) package and replace the current default cryptography jar files with the unlimited strength files. These can be downloaded at the following locations.

The download contains a readme file that explains how to install the unlimited strength JCE. It will need to be installed on both the FlexDeploy server, and any endpoint that the plugin will be executed on.

Plugin Operations

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