FlexDeploy - Dell Boomi Plugin Guide

The Dell Boomi plugin provides operations for interacting with the Boomi AtomSphere platform. The plugin enables users to perform tasks like deployment of components/packages and promotion of existing deployments to different environments. In order to establish communication between FlexDeploy and Boomi AtomSphere, follow Configuring the Dell Boomi Plugin.

Supported Versions

  • Versions of the Boomi AtomSphere platform with AtomSphere API access enabled are supported
  • Supports Packaged Component mode of deployments introduced in Apr 2020 release

Key Features

  • Automate deployment of Components/Packages to Environments
  • Promote existing deployments from one Environment to another
  • Supports both Legacy and Packaged Component modes of deployment
  • Supports update of Environment Extensions for an Environment

Plugin Operations

Additional Notes

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