Copy Plugins for Auto Upload - Migration Guide

FlexDeploy download zip contains plugin jar files. You just need to 1) copy plugin jars from download zip to plugins folder in your installation (details explained below) and 2) all files will be automatically uploaded and 3) activated on the server startup.

  1. Plugin files to copy are in following location in download zip.
    • Tomcat Download - application/plugins
    • WebLogic Download - plugins

  2. Let's determine where to copy files in your installation now. Locate flexagon.fd.install.root folder for your FlexDeploy installation, which is FlexDeploy working directory. This is specified on the Java command line. For example, -Dflexagon.fd.install.root=/u01/flexdeploy/application.
    • For Tomcat, you can look for this information in setenv.bat or file depending whether using Windows or Unix.
    • For Weblogic, find it in the managed server startup settings.
  3. Create plugins folder if it does not exist under flexagon.fd.install.root folder. Copy files from download zip (#1 above) to this plugins folder.


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