REST V1 User Response


userIdLongThe id of the user
attributesList<Attribute>The list of attributes associated with the user
userNameStringThe user name of the user
passwordStringThe user's password. Note: this value is displayed as "*****" when retrieved.
groupsList<Long>The ids of the groups that the user is a member of
isLocalUserBooleanWhether or not the user was made in FlexDeploy or imported from outside
isActiveBooleanWhether or not the user is active
emailStringThe user's email
firstNameStringThe first name of the user
lastNameStringThe last name of the user

Each attribute in the list of attributes contains these attributes.

descriptionStringThe description of the attribute
attributeNameStringThe name of the attribute
attributeValueStringThe value of the attribute
attributeGroupStringThe group that the attribute is associated with
attributeDataTypeStringThe type of data that the value is
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