Using wallet with oracle database

Connecting to Oracle Autonomous Database

You will need client credential zip file (wallet) to connect with Oracle Autonomous Database on Oracle cloud. You can download wallet zip file from Oracle Cloud, you will need admin userid and password to perform this download.See Download Client Credentials (Wallets) for more details on how to download wallet file.

You must make sure that only authorized users have access to these wallet files. Unzip the client credentials zip file ( on endpoint where it will be used, which most likely will be FlexDeploy server as we generally use localhost endpoint for JDBC. For example, /home/flexdeploy/.wallets/<wallet_databasename> is folder where specific wallet file was unzipped. Make sure to secure this folder to FlexDeploy and/or Endpoint user, so that it is not readable by all users.

  • Database URL Syntax : jdbc:oracle:thin:@service_high?TNS_ADMIN=/home/flexdeploy/.wallets/<wallet_databasename>
  • Database URL Long Connection String Format Syntax : jdbc:oracle:thin:@(description= (retry_count=20)(retry_delay=3)(address=(protocol=tcps)(port=1522)(host=<hostname>))(connect_data=(service_name=<serice_name>))(security=(ssl_server_cert_dn="CN=<hostname>,OU=Oracle BMCS US,O=Oracle Corporation,L=Redwood City,ST=California,C=US")))
    • Examples for the same can be found here
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