Approve or Reject with Email Reply

Email notification are sent to the email address on your profile whenever a pending approval is assigned to a group which you are a member of. When enabled by your administrators, FlexDeploy is capable of processing replies to these notifications to instruct the approve or reject response. This feature is useful for approving requests from a phone or another device where you may not have immediate FlexDeploy connectivity.


When enabling email replies it is very important that you use a dedicated email account for this purpose.  FlexDeploy will monitor, process, and delete all emails from the specified folder in that account.  Do not use an account which may be used for any other purpose.  This must be a dedicated account, as all emails will be deleted after being processed.

Most approval notification provide Approve/Reject links at the bottom of the body, which will open the configured mail client with the reply template.  All approvers must have a valid account on the FlexDeploy server so that security can be enforced.

Can Approve with Email ReplyCan NOT Approve with Email Reply
Project or application deployment requests with an approval assigned to a group you are a member ofPipeline approval gates assigned to a pipeline role of which you are a member as an email recipient
Pipeline approval gates assigned to a pipeline role of which a group you belong to is assigned as a memberPipeline approval gates assigned to a pipeline role of which you are a member as a user

You can reply to an approval request by either clicking on the links provided, or use the reply (with history) function of your email client.  You may not compose a new email.

Reply Format

The format of a reply consists of an action, optional comments, and identification information which is not to be modified by the user.

Using notification links
Approve This is an optional comment

******* You may add a comment after the word [Approve] on the line above. ******* 
******* Please DO NOT modify below this line. ******* 
Reference number: [00a514b6-d7b2-4600-a7cd-d88f1762ab81] 

If you use the reply of your email client, you can simply provide the action and optionally a comment on the same line.

Email client Reply function
Reject This will need to deploy later due to month end close

The following verbs can be used in indicate approval or reject, and are case-insensitive. 

Approve ActionsReject Actions
  • Approve
  • Approved
  • Yes
  • Reject
  • Rejected
  • No

The comment is stored as a note with the approval in FlexDeploy.  The comment must be on the same line as the action.


All replies must be initiated from an email address which corresponds to a FlexDeploy user with the privileges to perform the requested action.  If the requesting email address is linked to more than one FlexDeploy user, the first one with the required privileges is used to carry out the action.  As the action is carried out on behalf of the FlexDeploy user, the audit information will be equivalent to if a user had logged in and performed the action in FlexDeploy directly.

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