REST V1 ITS Instance Response


instanceIdIntegerNoPrimary ID of the Issue Tracking System, created when first making an Issue Tracking System.
instanceCodeStringYesThe code of the Issue Tracking System
instanceNameStringYesThe name of the Issue Tracking System
issueTrackingSystemIdIntegerYesThe ID of the type of Issue Tracking System
descriptionStringNoThe description of the Issue Tracking System
isActiveBooleanNoWhether or not this Issue Tracking System is active.
propertiesList<PropertyValue>NoThe properties associated with the type of Issue Tracking System

Each JSON ITS instance object contains a list of property value. The property value object has these attributes.

propertyNameStringThis is the name of the property
propertyValueStringThis is the value of the property
credentialIdLongId of the credential associated with the property. Applicable only for encrypted properties
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