REST V2 Credential Store Response


credentialStoreIdLongThe id of the credential store
credentialStoreDefIdLongThe id of the connected credential store provider
credentialStoreNameStringThe name of the credential store
descriptionStringThe description of the credential store
isActiveBooleanWhether or not the credential store is active
credentialStorePropertiesList<CredentialStoreProperty>The list of credential store properties associated with the credential store

Each credentialStoreProperty in the list of credentialStoreProperties contains these attributes.

credentialStorePropertyIdLongThis is the unique Id of the credential store property
credentialStorePropDefIdLongThis is a foreign key to the parent credential store property definition
credentialStoreIdLongThis is a foreign key to the parent credential store
propertyValueStringThe value of the credential store property
isEncryptedBooleanWhether or not the credential store property is encrypted
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