General Settings

PropertyDescriptionDefault Value
New User RoleDefault role when new user is created using external realm authentication.None
Server Base URL FlexDeploy server base http URL. This is mainly used for links in email messages.http://fdserver:9080
Session Inactivity TimeoutNumber of minutes of inactivity which will invalidate the session and require the user to reauthenticate.  Changes are applied dynamically for new sessions. 35
SCM Quiet TimeContinuous integration quiet time (in seconds) before a build will happen after a change has been detected.30
Plugin Log Level

Sets the logging level for the plugins. You can provide one or more configurations as comma separated values. Supported configurations are by Plugin or Java Logger Name. If entry starts with logger: it means Java Logger name configuration.

Log Level By Plugin

  • Plugin Name=Level
    • Use Plugin name as All to set log level for All plugins.
    • Use specific Plugin Name from plugins page.
    • Example - FlexagonShellPlugin=FINEST

Log Level By Package Name

  • logger:logger_name=Level
    • Example - logger:com.mycompany=FINE

Level values can be SEVERE, WARNING, INFO, CONFIG, FINE, FINER, FINEST. As you move towards FINEST, more logs will be printed.

Report File Max Size (KB)Maximum size of report file. Report file will be saved only if the size is less than or equal to the specified size.
Plugin Logs Max Size (KB)

Control amount of logs captured in Plugin Logs. These logs are visible on workflow execution screen using Plugin invocation status link. If logs are truncated, you will see following line at the end of logs.

....Plugin logs truncated due to max size limit....

Next Generation Features EnabledOpt in to FlexDeploy Next Generation features as they are released.
Pipeline and Release Management EnabledEnables or disables pipeline and release management functionality.  NOTE*** Changing this value requires a restart of FlexDeploy.ENABLED