Next Generation User Experience

FlexDeploy 5.6 is the beginning stage of an 18-24 month journey to transform to a next generation user experience. With each release you will begin to greater transformation as it becomes more pervasive across FlexDeploy. On the system settings menu you have to option to enable next generation features and user experience (default). When opting in you will see the new user experience in the pages where it is available.

The transformation begins with two areas.

  • Reports - All existing reports have been migrated to the new user experience

  • Notification Templates - A new feature which enables users to define their own email templates (subject & body) to deliver notification content to subscribers based on the events occurring within the build/deploy/release lifecycle.

There is a heavy investment in a user experience that is loved by our customers. Common themes include:

  • Modern look and feel

  • Responsive UI which supports a multitude of browsers and devices

  • Adherence to UX Standards & Guidelines

  • Table sorting and filtering which is remembered and can be saved by name, shared, and reused

  • URLs that can be bookmarked and shared with other users

  • Full support for browser “Back” button.

  • Consistency across the application

  • Contextual help

  • Rich code editors for html, groovy, and more

Feedback Wanted!

This transformation is the culmination of years worth of feedback, and we hope you like what you see. All feedback is welcomed and encouraged!

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