Creates or updates a Logical Gateway on the API Platform Server.  It accepts a json file with the configuration of the Logical Gateway.  See below for examples.

Environment/Instance Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription
Oracle API Platform AccountFDOAP_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODEYThe Oracle API Platform cloud account to use for this operation. 


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
Gateway FileFDOAP_INP_GATEWAY_FILEYJson file to use for gateway creation.  Can be absolute or relative to the artifacts directory.
Apply Node GrantFDOAP_INP_APPLY_NODE_GRANTYShould the NodeServiceAccount grant be applied to this gateway?  This grant is needed to provision nodes against this Logical Gateway.


Output NameDescription
FDOAP_OUT_GATEWAY_IDLogical Gateway Id after creation or updating.


This operation consumes artifacts from the artifacts repository.

Endpoint Selection

This operation will select all available endpoints associated to the environment/instance.

Endpoint Execution

This operation will execute on any one of the selected endpoints and will be random in the determination of which one.

Special Considerations

Gateway File

Below is a sample json file to create a Logical Gateway.  The only required field is the 'name' field

	"name": "Development",
	"description": "Development Gateway",
	"location": "",
	"urls": [
    "firewall": {
        "maxUnboundedItems": "1024",
        "maxChildElementDepth": "1024",
        "maxItemValueLength": "102400",
        "maxMessageSize": "1024000"

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