FlexDeploy - Slack Plugin Guide

A plugin to send messages to Slack channel or user. This plugin allows set up notifications to Slack from FlexDeploy workflows. This plugin gives the user freedom to create messages as complex or as simple as they desire.

This plugin uses Slack Messaging Accounts in FlexDeploy which can be managed from Topology->Integrations->Messaging.

Slack Messaging Account

This plugin uses a Slack Messaging Account which contains all relevant credentials to connect to the Slack workspace. Navigate to Topology->Integrations→Messaging and create a new Account with the Provider set to Slack.

The notable property here is the Bearer Token which is the bot token for you Slack Application. To Create a Slack Application you can view Slack's official documentation.

The Bearer Token can be acquired from the OAuth and Permissions tab:

Lastly, if you wish to use all of the slack features available in FlexDeploy, ensure your bot has the chat:write and files:write scopes, which also can be set on the OAuth and Permissions tab.

Supported Versions

  • All Slack versions are supported.

Key Features

  • Send messages to a Slack channel or user.

Plugin Operations

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