FlexDeploy - MicrosoftTeams Plugin Guide

A plugin to send messages to MicrosoftTeams channel or user. This plugin allows you to send notifications to MicrosoftTeams from FlexDeploy workflows. Users have the freedom to create messages as complex or as simple as they desire.

This plugin uses Teams Messaging Accounts in FlexDeploy which can be managed from Topology->Integrations->Messaging.

Teams Messaging Accounts

This plugin uses a Teams Messaging Account which contains all relevant credentials to connect to the Teams workspace. Navigate to Topology->Integrations→Messaging and create a new Account with the Provider set to MicrosoftTeams.

Create an Application in the Azure portal

You must create an application in the Azure portal so the Microsoft identity platform can provide authentication and authorization services for your application.

Follow these steps to create the app registration:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. If you have access to multiple tenants, use the directory + subscription filter in the top menu to select the tenant in which you want to register an application.
  3. Search for and select Azure active directory.
  4. Under Manage, select app registrations, then new registration.
  5. Enter a Name for your application and specify who can use the application.
  6. Select register to complete the initial app registration.
  7. Open application capture application (client) ID and directory (tenant) ID from app registration.

  8. Create a new client secret and capture client secret.


    Record the secret's value for use in your client application code - it's never displayed again after you leave this page.

  9. Create API permissions

    Select API permissions > Add a permission > Microsoft Graph

    Select delegated permissions. Microsoft Graph exposes many permissions,

    The grant admin consent for {your tenant} button allows an admin to grant admin consent to the permissions configured for the application.

Supported Versions

  • All MicrosoftTeams versions are supported.

Key Features

  • Send messages to a Microsoft Teams channel or user.

Plugin Operations

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