FlexDeploy - Oracle JET Builder Plugin Guide

The Oracle JET Docker Builder plugin is a Docker image capable of building projects and applications through Oracle JET. 

Key Features

  • Plugin as a Container (Paac) give power to plugin developers in terms of the tools and technologies they can use to create new plugins
  • PaaC are able to package up code and dependencies all-in-one so that the applications runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another

Docker Image Name


Plugin Operations

Containerized plugins can run on either:

  • Docker Host: An endpoint with Docker engine installed.
  • K8s cluster: An endpoint with kubectl installed and configured to communicate with a K8s cluster.

Setting up your workflow with Oracle JET Docker may look like this. The buildWeb step is invoking the buildWeb operation of Oracle JET Builder plugin:

Oracle JET Docker has only a build operation as you see invoked here. 

If using a Docker Host, ensure Docker Host is enabled on the corresponding endpoint. Otherwise ensure K8s cluster is enabled and K8s context is defined.