FlexDeploy - SODA Plugin Guide

Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) plugin allows users to create and store collections in an Oracle database. SODA is a NoSQL-style API that lets you create, store, retrieve, and query documents in a Oracle Database without needing to know Structured Query Language (SQL) or how databases store documents.

Supported Versions

  • 19.x
  • Previous versions (18.x, 12.x) not tested but are supported.

Key Features

  • No manual scripting required.
  • No client necessary, just needs Oracle JDBC driver.
  • Easily Configured.

Plugin Operations

Configuration Guidelines

FlexDeploy Project Recommendations

SODA ComponentFlexDeploy Project NameNotes
One or more SODA collectionsAs appropriate based one or more collections are managed by project

There is no build aspect to this plugin, as we will just be creating collections based on user configurations on Project.

This means that you can create build/deploy project with dummy build or even use Utility project to create SODA collections.

Collections to be created can be configured on project property. Alternatively you can create Utility project that requests user input for collection name.

Topology Setup Recommendations

  • Create FlexDeploy Instance with name of SODA enabled schema that contains collections. i.e. if you have more than one SODA enabled schema, each one will be represented as FlexDeploy Instance.
  • You can use LOCALHOST endpoint as all operations are doing using JDBC drivers. This means that you do not need additional endpoints to be setup on database server.
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