FlexDeploy - MSBuild Plugin Guide

The MSBuild plugin provides a means to compile your .NET and Visual Studio projects using MSBuild.exe.

This plugin is available since

Supported Versions

The MSBuild plugin doesn’t include Microsoft Visual Studio or .NET Framework needed for using MSBuild.exe. Please download the necessarily licensed versions according to your organization requirement

  • Supports the standard MSBuild Lifecycle Phases for .NET Framework.
  • Supports 16.3.7 and lower versions. 
  • Allows to pass arguments as well as properties.

Key Features

  • Supports multiple .NET project extensions like "sln", "csproj", "vbproj", "vcxproj", "dbproj", "fsproj", "pyproj", "rbproj", "wixproj", "vdproj", "isproj", "pssproj", "modelproj".
  • A plugin can execute based on a project source folder or an MSBuild project file name with any one of the extensions mentioned above.
  • The plugin will always look for the first matching extension or a file name to execute the build.

Plugin Operations


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