Exports an API from Oracle API Platform and stores it as an artifact in FlexDeploy.

The operation will search for APIs with the name and version specified in the FDOAP_API_NAME and FDOAP_API_VERSION properties.   Once the API has been located, it is saved as flexApi.json in the Artifact Repository.  This operation also returns the exported API iteration as an output.

Environment/Instance Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription
Oracle API Platform AccountFDOAP_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODEYThe Oracle API Platform cloud account to use for this operation.  

Project Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription
Oracle API NameFDOAP_API_NAMEYName of the API being managed
Oracle API VersionFDOAP_API_VERSIONYVersion of the API being managed


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
API IterationFDOAP_INP_API_ITERATIONNOptional API iteration to export.  Current/latest iteration will be used if left blank.


Output NameDescription
FDOAP_OUT_API_ITERATIONThe API iteration that was exported.  This will be returned regardless of whether or not the API Iteration input was specified.


This operation produces artifacts that will be stored in the artifacts repository.

Endpoint Selection

This operation will select all available endpoints associated to the environment/instance.

Endpoint Execution

This operation will execute on any one of the selected endpoints and will be random in the determination of which one.

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