FlexDeploy - WildFly Plugin Guide

WildFly plugin provides WAR deployment and other supporting administrative operations. 
WildFly server runs in two modes

  • Standalone
  • Domain

The endpoints which these operations execute on must be configured with the JDK version which is required by WildFly.


  • In Standalone mode, WildFly runs on single server on a single physical host.
  • The server acts as a standalone instance which has both admin and managed server capabilities.


In Domain Mode, WildFly can be controlled from a single point of control, running across machines(hosts). This single point of control is called Domain controller

  • In this Mode:
    • Each host will have one host controller and one or many severs on it.
    • One of the host controller's is defined as Domain Controller to manage all hosts
    • We can form Server Groups, which is a logical grouping of servers across multiple hosts
    • Server Groups provide the ability to perform deployment, undeployment on multiple servers at same time.

Supported Versions

  • 8.0.x
  • 9.0.x
  • 10.0.x

Key Features

  • WAR deployments
  • Application/Server start and stop operations
  • Supports multi-server installations

Plugin Operations

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