FlexDeploy 3.7.1

These release notes provide a high-level summary of the changes between FlexDeploy 3.7 and 3.7.1, and describe any changes that impact existing implementations. FlexDeploy 3.7.1 is highlighted by new plugins and critical bug fixes.

New Plugins

  • WildFly (formerly JBoss)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle GlassFish

Updated Plugins

  • WebLogic - Resolved configuration management issue for JMS Resources

Defect Fixes & Enhancements

  • Performance improvements for Environment Discrepancy report
  • Resolved Issue with plugin operation filter on instance wizard
  • Resolved issue with Clear Revisions button on build request form for partial deployment
  • EBS - Added stage location attribute for PLL modules

FlexDeploy 3.7

These release notes provide a high-level summary of the changes between FlexDeploy 3.5 and 3.7, and describe any changes that impact existing implementations. FlexDeploy 3.7 is highlighted by key enhancements for Oracle E-Business Suite, JIRA Integration, and other usability enhancements driven by customer feedback.

Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Partial Deployment Projects
    • Build request form allows lookup of SCM revisions by file
    • Select files from another package(s) when building a new package
    • Extraction of project files from SCM is now performed on FlexDeploy server instead of in workflow on endpoint
  • Full Deployment Projects
    • Project Files tab now available, allowing for file sequencing and metadata override

Jira Integration

  • Update Jira comments and status by environment
  • Associate Jira tickets via build request form in addition to SCM commit messages
  • Integration with CVS and Microsoft TFS


  • Environment reports now contain SCM revision number
  • Environment and Instance filters now allow multi-selection
  • Environment Discrepancy report now displays file/revision detail for Partial Deployment projects
  • Environment Discrepancy report allow sorting

Other Enhancements

  • Security - separate project configuration and project files configuration permissions
  • Filter plugins operations on edit instance wizard
  • Filter plugin operations on workflow editor
  • Filter security groups on project/application/folder
  • Handle external groups in REST API
  • New sample workflows for Oracle EBS


  • SOA – new operations to support Oracle BPM

  • EBS – new operations
    • Restart OA Core Service
    • Restart Concurrent Manager
    • Restart Forms Server
  • Amazon EC2 - new
  • Windows PowerShell – new (supports Microsoft Azure)
  • Apache JMeter – new
  • Microsoft Azure (coming in July)
  • Oracle GlassFish (coming in July)
  • WildFly (coming in July)

Defect Fixes

  • Project Files object type dropdown (for Partial Deployment) renders incorrectly on some IE browsers
  • Glassfish - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jbo.client.remote.StringManagerImpl
  • Two AOL project files with same name cause error
  • Error creating new security realm after deleting existing one
  • Uploading SSH public key changes permissions on authorized_keys file
  • Temp directory evaluating incorrectly when executing on more than one endpoint