FlexDeploy Release Notes

To request support or find downloads, please login to the support site at http://support.flexagon.com. If you don't have access to the support site, please contact us.

FlexDeploy (10-16-2018)

Package Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - EBS, SVN, SOA
  • New Plugins - Kubernetes


  • [FLEXDEPLOY-459] - New REST API to promote project version to release.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-298] - SOA Plugin, allow deploying composites in off state.

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-287] - Endpoint - copying endpoint does not copy username.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-456] - EBS - add ; at end of file if necessary. For example, If there is only view in the SQL file without ; at the end, sqlplus fails to create the view.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-457] - EBS - add SHOW ERRORS in deploy command if not present for SQL files.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-529] - EBS - build command fails if there is space in file or path.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-643] - SVN - tag operation has an invalid output in it.

New Plugins

  • Kubernetes

FlexDeploy (09-15-2018)

Package Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - JDBC, Microsoft TFVC


  • [FLEXDEPLOY-243] - Allow logging of DBMS Output for JDBC plugin - partialDeploy operation. Additionally new input added to control printing of SQL statements in plugin logs.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-431] - Release description is added to release based notifications.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-461] - Project id, Project Name and Folder Path variables are now available in override match script for partial deployment projects.

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-267] - Home - Approval & Scheduled task count now includes release based task and both counts are for Tasks assigned to logged in user.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-355] - Release Security - Create/Update permission can be independently granted to only control Release name and description. Other permissions like Configure Project List, Configure CMS do not require Create/Update permission.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-377] - Pipeline Execution - Boolean variable is not working in Precondition script.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-440] - Rebuild package now initializes branch name based on selected previously built package. Other details like files, flexfields, workflow inputs were already being initialized from selected package.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-451] - Microsoft TFVC Plugin - Get operation is not working when change set is not provided.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-479] - NullPointerException fix during HP UFT test parse.

New Plugins

  • Oracle Integration Cloud Plugin
    • allows export and import of Integration from and to OIC.

FlexDeploy (08-18-2018)

Package Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - Unix Shell, Windows Shell, Windows Powershell, WebLogic, Oracle EBS, utPLSQL, Oracle Database, Docker, ServiceNow


  • FlexDeploy tutorials for EBS, WebLogic Resources and Java Application are now available with sample docker image. See FlexDeploy 4.6 Documentation.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-225] - Date format for various Locales are added - English (US, England, Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand), Portuguese (Brazil), German (Germany).
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-327] - Show Release Id on release search and edit page.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-195] - EBS - ignore failure checkbox added on project files tab for sql files. This will allow users to easily ignore sql file failures. Project level property to ignore failures is still available as well.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-154] - EBS - If sql file contains WHENEVER SQLERROR CONTINUE, it will be marked to ignore failures on project files tab.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-196] - EBS - allow for override of match script.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-274] - Partial Execute operation for shell plugin now allows setting of the file status using helper functions.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-271] - WebLogic - allow SubDeployment for Foreign JMS Server configuration
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-295] - EBS - added support for FND_PRINTER type for AOL objects.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-376] - EBS - allow for space in AOL, Web ADI and Setup files.
  • Docker plugin updates for build image and push image operations.

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-38] - EBS - sql file execution fails when file name contains spaces.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-39] - EBS - when populating files from SCM, show error message if the Application Short Name is not configured on project properties.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-108] - EBS - avoid execution failures when file path, password, URL contains space.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-207] - Partial Deployment - File contents not considered correctly when moving file to different object type.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-231] - EBS - AOL Target Location doesn't use the App Short Name attribute for target location.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-257] - EBS - App Short Name is not used with Publisher files for Deploy Command.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-269] - EBS - source changes from EBS to SCM on re-evaluate of files that are being exported from EBS.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-273] - Release Execution - project group does not work well when some projects have no groups selected on release definition.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-289] - Security Realm - Required fields show value required errors on create.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-296] - Snapshot - if project is changed from all files to package, next snapshot does not remove all files version from snapshot.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-310] - EBS - some sql files execute successfully in FlexDeploy but failed to create objects in database if / is missing in file.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-332] - utPLSQL V3 doesn't find testcases when a suitepath is specified.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-337] - Security Realm - if you enable group mapping before filling in details, it doesn't enable the group mapping tab or require the group fields properly.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-346] - Release Dashboard - approve button not visible if external realm user is member of pipeline role.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-252] - Approval tasks are not searchable by snapshot name.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-98] - Snapshot - duplicate project in snapshot versions if stream is changed for project in release definition.

FlexDeploy (07-17-2018)

Package Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - Artifactory, Nexus, Git, SoapUI, WebMethods


  • FlexDeploy tutorials for Oracle SOA Suite and ADF are now available with sample docker image. See FlexDeploy 4.6 Documentation.
  • After installation when FlexDeploy is launched for first time, users will have ability to create administrative user with password, previously user and password was defaulted to fdadmin and welcome1.
  • Plugins page now has link to download latest version of plugins. You can still use support.flexagon.com to download plugins.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-92] - Add Force Deploy boolean flag to Workflow Execution Context. See FlexDeploy Variables Guide.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-203] - Add Workflow Context variables for Project Path, Project Id and Server Base URL. See FlexDeploy Variables Guide.
  • Added MENU_ENTRY and REQUEST_GROUP_ENTRY support for AOL object types for EBS projects.

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1] - Release Dashboard shows snapshot content as empty on older projects if the project/package is removed from the Release after execution.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-3] - Test Automation Dashboard does not show all Projects, Set, Definitions.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-7] - When populating groups from active directory the first time, they are not sorted.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-33] - Plugin logs show **** in many places in some lines.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-35] - Foreign Key violation when setting pipeline role permissions on NEW pipeline. Edit works fine. (Constraint "PIPELINE_ROLE_PERM_PERM_FK" is violated during post operation "Insert")
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-36] - NullPointerException clicking on Team tab from Security tab on Pipeline.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-37] - Missing enum and missing image for Queued status on dashboard.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-42] - Testing Tool name should not be updatable.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-48] - EBS project issue - no such property "FILE_PERMISSIONS" can't move files from “Script” object type to “Script with execution” object type.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-61] - Add File button on Build Request Form (Partial) should not do anything if user has not entered any file name.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-180] - EBS Publisher XML file extract fails with ls: cannot access
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-202] - Abort snapshot link is no longer available in release dashboard for external realm users.

New Plugins

  • ServiceNow

FlexDeploy (06-23-2018)

Package Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - EBS, JDBC, Oracle APEX, Unix Shell, Windows Shell, Windows Powershell, JUnit, TestNG, Perforce, Git


  • [FLEXDEPLOY-50] - Perforce labelProjectSources operation supports supports Skipping files from being labelled. This is only available for Partial Deployment mode. 
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-155] - EBS deploy operation supports Skipping files from Package. This is only available for Partial Deployment mode.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-107] - Subversion use of svn:externals does not work with Partial Deploy projects
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-96] - NullPointerException in at flexagon.fd.ui.projectfiles.ProjectFilesBackingBean.evaluateAttributeValues

Plugin Updates

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-2] - Add new operation to JUnit plugin to parse Test Results
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-6] - Add new operation to TestNG plugin to parse Test Results
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-5] - Fix for partial execute plugins when Project file attribute classes are not of String data type.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-41] - APEX - Oracle SID property moved from project to environment instance scope
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-93] - WebLogic - Read domain data sources to Properties files
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-159] - Allow logging of DBMS Output for JDBC plugin's runScript operation.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-161] - Git 2.7.1 - fatal: The current branch master has no upstream branch.


Package Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -

Platform Support

  • SSH libraries updated to support additional algorithms. See Supported Algorithms for SSH for details.

  • Endpoint configuration now supports sudo capability.
  • MacOS Endpoints are now supported, with Unix as Operation System type.

API Updates

  • Release API updated to support new features of 4.6
  • Additional security checks to ensure authenticated user has appropriate privileges to perform requested action


  • Copy project now displays fully qualified application names.
  • Characters like [ ] ( ) are allowed in names for Workflow, Instance, Environment and Endpoint.
  • Added Test Connection capability on Change Management and Issue Tracking System instance configuration page.
  • Security Realm mapping UI is redesigned to view group mappings for FlexDeploy Groups instead of by External Groups. There will be handful groups in FlexDeploy compared to Enterprise Directory Server, to make the mapping process easier. Fetching of External Directory Server groups is done on demand now to improve performance of the mapping screen.
  • Inactive Project Streams are now deleted after all execution data for that Stream is deleted.
  • Edit Project, Edit Application popup will display parent folder or application as fully qualified path for clarity.
  • Error display on Workflow Execution - Fault Data is clarified to avoid duplicate Stack Trace messages.
  • FlexDeploy & Plugin version details is now printed in plugin logs to help during support process.
  • Fixed issue where Workflow definition screen launch was slow on Tomcat.
  • Fixed issue where Workflow - Copy Source button was copying single line XML to clipboard. This caused issues with Plugins like Unix shell.
  • Cron Schedule can be specified with more than one comma separated Cron Expression. This applies to all places where Cron Expression is used.
  • Test input definitions now allow 4000 bytes instead of 250.
  • Workflow definition - Plugin operation popup now shows Endpoint Selection and Execution even when that configuration is not delegated to workflow designer. This should be helpful to workflow designer.
  • Plugin activation now updates Property Metadata from Plugin XML file. In some cases Property definitions like display name, description, default etc. may have changed  from one plugin version to another.
  • Mail configuration (SMTP) variables are now available in Workflow execution context. This can be used to send emails from Workflow.

Release and Pipelines

  • Pipeline Configurations
    • Deploy All, Test All and Execute All steps now support Include and Exclude for one or more Project Group(s).
    • Notification step is changed to notify based on Pipeline Roles instead of User, Group or Email address.
    • Only configured Pipeline Role members can override Test Gate failure now. Previously anyone with Release Update permissions had access to override.
    • On Error Notification allows for notification to any Pipeline Role.  Previously, error notification was only tied Primary and Secondary Manager on the release (which have been removed).
    • Pipeline Properties and Scripting
      • Pipeline configuration now allows for defining Properties, their default values, and other metadata.
      • Each Release using pipeline can provide their own values for such properties.
      • Pipeline Properties and a few additional variables are now available in Groovy scripts for Precondition and other Gate/Step configuration parameters. For example, the Force Deploy option of the Deploy All Step can be either hard-coded or can be dynamically derived at run-time.
  • Project Groups
    • Pipeline configuration now allows for defining available Project Groups.
    • Projects/Packages contained in release can define Groups by selecting one or more items in drop down (defined in pipeline). Previously, only one group was allowed per Release Project and it needed to entered manually.
  • Pipeline Roles
    • Pipeline configuration now allows for defining Roles. Pipeline Role can contain member Groups, Users or Email Addresses. Example of pipeline roles are Developers, Leaders, Operators.
  • Finer Grained Security
    • FlexDeploy Group - Global permission for release now contains values like Read, Create/Update, Create  Snapshot, Configure Project List, Configure Pipeline, Configure CMS, Manage Lifecycle, Grant Permissions.
    • Each Release can override security settings like Read, Create/Update, Create Snapshot, Configure Project List, Configure Pipeline, Configure CMS, Manage Lifecycle, Grant Permissions.
    • Each Pipeline Role allows for security configurations like Manage Stage Execution, Manage Step Execution and Upload Execution Info. This allows for controlling run-time actions on Pipeline Execution.
  • Release Snapshot
    • Projects on Create Snapshot screen are now sorted based on Priority.
    • Create Snapshot is now a defined permission, and also applies to Promote to Release and Build Request Form (when associating to release).
    • Fixed issue where if Server is restarted during snapshot creation process, snapshot may be left in Pending status.
  • Release Dashboard
    • One more drill down level added for Pipeline Execution for each Gate and Step execution. This section is different based on type of Gate or Step but it will contain common details like Status and Execution times.
    • Gate and Step name on Release Dashboard are now clickable to drill down in to execution details.
    • Gate and Step configurations can be viewed from Release Dashboard when viewing Stage, Gate or Step level execution details.
    • Snapshot content now shows Project Group and Package Name.
    • Projects tab within pipeline execution renamed to Snapshot Content for clarity. Keep in mind that Utility projects are not displayed here as they do not have any version, and therefore, are not part of Snapshot.
    • Fixed issue where Search on Release Dashboard screen was not working.
  • The Deploy All step now displays the status of each Project configured to be deployed by step configurations.
    • You will see Pending, Success, Failed, Skipped etc.
    • Users can navigate to specific Workflow execution as well from the Deploy All step execution screen.
    • Status Skipped means that Project Version was already deployed to the stage.
  • Various fixes for Execution engine with respect to actions like Replay, Skip etc. Users can now tweak Project Groups in Release for various projects before Replay or Skip actions, and changes will be reflected.
  • Entire pipeline definition can now be inactivated if it is not being used by any active Release.
  • During Pipeline Execution, if currently executing Step is deleted, pipeline will fail. Previously, stage restarted from first step in new Pipeline.
  • Users can upload data or add notes on Gate or Step executions. Previously only design time notes were allowed.

Workflow Execution

  • FD_ENVIRONMENT_NAME is now available as variable in Workflow.
  • Encrypted input and variables now can be used in assign operation and value for plugin inputs as long as to variable or plugin input is encrypted. This is done to make sure that encrypted values are not exposed in clear text.
  • Multiple Endpoints on plugin operation will now run in Parallel. Users can control how many Endpoints to run in parallel.
  • Rebuild package now defaults stream, FlexFields, and Workflow Inputs.


  • Environment Discrepancies report
    • Partial Deploy file comparison is now done using internal Hash value and not Project Version. Previously, if same revision of file was deployed using different package, it would show as difference on report.
    • Fixed issue with Environment Name not showing up at times on column header.
  • Approval and Scheduled Task reports now show Pipeline Execution related tasks.
  • Environment History, Approval & Schedule Task reports now display Ref# to correlate Deployment execution with various Tasks.
  • Package name is now visible on various reports.


  • Redesigned screens for view and action of various tasks.
  • Pipeline Execution related Approval and Scheduled tasks are also now visible on Task screens
  • New Human tasks screen added for Manual Step tasks where a user can claim a task before working on it
  • Search capability added on Approval, Human (Manual tasks in Pipeline) and Scheduled tasks. This allows users to filter tasks by project, application, release, etc.
    • For example, you can find all tasks for Release using Release Name if more than one snapshot is in process.


  • Added 2 new screens in the Admin Options to allow testing Cron Expressions and Groovy Scripts.


  • Now purging streams on the projects after all project versions for that steam have been purged.
  • No longer archiving plugin execution logs.
  • More effective purge of artifacts and plugin logs to reduce storage requirements.

Plugin Updates

  • Plugin process now runs with -Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/./random to avoid JVM delays in specific situations.
  • Subversion plugin
    • Plugin now supports updating svn:externals property.
  • Nexus Plugin
    • Added new operation to upload artifacts.
  • Artifactory Plugin
    • Added new operation to upload artifacts.

Incompatible Changes

  • Nexus Plugin operation inputs were updated and is not backward compatible. If you are using Nexus plugin, please update your workflow accordingly.
  • Artifactory Plugin operation inputs were updated and is not backward compatible. If you are using Artifactory plugin, please update your workflow accordingly.
  • Release and Pipeline permissions have significantly changed, you will need to setup specific permissions to allow for users to perform various actions on release definition and dashboard pages.
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