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The Migration Guide covers the process to migrate from FlexDeploy version 3.5 to version 3.7. This guide does not cover the Quick Start Community Edition migration, which is handled automatically by the FlexDeploy installer.

This guide does not cover all features or configuration options for FlexDeploy. The complete documentation can be found in the FlexDeploy User's Guide. Community Edition is distributed with all required software and documentation.

For Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition the software can be downloaded from

  • Navigate to Solutions tab - Software Downloads - FlexDeploy 3.7 Downloads
  • There are several options to download the software:
    • Complete install for Weblogic
    • Complete install for GlassFish
    • Individual components
      • Oracle Database Install scripts
      • Weblogic EAR and required files
      • GlassFish EAR and required files
      • All plugins (or individual plugins)



This migration guide assumes have an existing installation of FlexDeploy 3.5 on either WebLogic or GlassFish application server (whether as a production implementation or a trial edition).

3.7.1 Upgrade Note

To upgrade from 3.7 to 3.7.1, please follow the same instructions with software downloaded from Software Downloads - FlexDeploy 3.7.1 Downloads on

Migration Procedure

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