FlexDeploy Release Notes

To request support or find downloads, please login to the support site at http://support.flexagon.com. If you don't have access to the support site, please contact us.

FlexDeploy (04-06-2019)

Version Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Service Bus, Oracle WebLogic, Jenkins, Google Apigee


  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1211] - Performance improvements for releases screen search.

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle Integration Cloud
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1340] - OIC - create connection plan improved error messages
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1395] - OIC Plugin - replace agentDefinition in connections as well so that agents can replaced while deploying to different environments
    • Validation error is thrown if space is found in integration identifier.
    • buildIntegration operation now throws validation error if multiple iar files or icspackage folders are found in source.
    • exportUpdatedIntegrations operation now exports iar file in folder named after integration identifier, i.e. folder name does not contain version number.
  • Oracle Service Bus
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1225] - new operation added for undeploy of OSB project.  See osbUndeploy.
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1254] - property replacement is now supported during deploy.  See osbImport.
  • Oracle WebLogic
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1347] - Issues with XA data sources, XA DB2 connections and the property KeepConnAfterLocalTx on Oracle XA connections.
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1354] - executeWLSTScriptFile operation has different behavior between and
  • Jenkins (FlexDeploy Plugin)
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1396] - Improve error handling when given Job Name doesn't exist in Jenkins system.
  • Google Apigee
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1355] - Allow setting additional Maven arguments to the deploy operation

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1372] - Duplicate workflow executions were created when using Submit Deployment Request for partial deployment projects where build was performed with release.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1373] - Project configuration save was allowed without selecting instance for SCM.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1381] - Scheduled task page when cancel button is clicked in right pane, request was approved.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1383] - CI trigger based workflow requests, default values were not initialized.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1411] - Group edit, permissions only saving on active tab when save or apply button is clicked.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1429] - Project files save after populate may fail with parent key not found error.

Incompatible Changes

  • As explained above in Plugin Updates section, exportUpdatedIntegrations operation now exports iar file in folder named after integration identifier, i.e. folder name does not contain version number.

FlexDeploy (03-02-2019)

Version Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - EBS, Oracle BI, Git, Docker, Unix Shell, Windows Shell and Powershell, Oracle Service Bus, Nexus, REST, Oracle Data Integrator, Groovy, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle SOA Suite
  • New Plugins - Helm


  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1166] - Snapshot id is now displayed on view snapshots page, which can be useful with REST API.

API Updates

  • Project version API
    • Retrieve version using version id.
    • Allow search of project versions using package name, version name, all files requested flag.
  • Plugin API
    • New attributes (plugin type and image name) added to response.

Plugin Updates

  • REST
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1150] - Allow REST Plugin to optionally ignore invalid SSL Certificates.
  • Groovy

    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1036] - Add wildcard support for Classpath input. This should allow for easy configuration of Classpath.

  • Oracle Data Integrator
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1139] - New operation to apply ODI Deployment Archives is added.

  • Oracle SOA Suite
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1084] - Stack overflow during multiple composite deployment, retry during deployment if deploy, activation, stopping, or purging hit a race condition where multiple composite activities are editing the composites.xml file in MDS.
  • Oracle BI
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1179] - RPD or data model configuration files now allows colon in values.
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1185] - Fixed regression bug with rpdDeploy operation when updating connection pool password using configuration file.

  • Oracle EBS
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1186] - Workflow Upload Mode does not default based on value configured on project properties.

    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1195] - If SQL file contains EXIT it was being considered failed. Now the "No Errors" validation is performed only if the file doesn't have an exit line in it.
  • Git
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1187] - commit operation does not work if all newly added file or folder contains space.

  • Oracle Service Bus

    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1204] - Import Project Operation gives bad error if WebLogic Home is not configured.

  • Nexus
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1207] - Nexus Artifact retrieval not working if URL starts with http://nexus.
  • Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1215] - Export Integration fails if there is a local invoke connection, which makes "connection" that isn't a real connection.

    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1216] - Names exported integrations different from default, and default ones don't work properly

    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1255] - lookup export and import naming differs from UI. Now dvm and cvs files are imported and lookups are exported as csv files.
  • Unix Shell
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1224] - Disable Echo input for partialExecute operation had no effect. If Disable Echo input is not checked, echo (debug) information will be printed in logs.

  • Unix Shell, Windows Shell & Powershell
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1178] - Added SCM Revision environment variable for partialExecute operation.

New Plugins

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1143] - If SCM instance code is changed in topology, project configuration does not show proper instance in SCM configurations.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-236] - Null pointer exception is thrown if packageDetails is not provided for deploy project call on partial project.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-940] - Create Snapshot with new build request can stay in Pending status if no changes are found in any of the release projects.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1180] - Edit Release - Add Selected Project(s) does not work if there is space in project or folder name.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1183] - Create Snapshot REST API indicates partial deployment projects are not in the release when using All Files option.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1205] - Build project with release selected does not update Snapshot correctly if release contains partial deployment projects with All Files option.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1251] - Changing purge settings requires server recycle.

FlexDeploy (02-02-2019)

Version Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - Docker, EBS, File, JMeter, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle APEX, Power Shell, Unix Shell, Oracle SOA, Wildfly, Windows Shell, Perforce
  • New Plugins - Google Apigee, Oracle API Platform

API Updates

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle Data Integrator
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1022] - Deploy scenarios under scenario folder.
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1022.1] - Fixed 11g classpath issue
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1022.2] - Added support for 12c mappings
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1022.3] - Fixed issue with markers on folder not selecting correct scenarios
  • JMeter
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1099] - Fix for NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/avalon/framework/context/ContextException
  • Docker
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-995] - requires FDDKR_UNIX_SOCKET message seems wrong
  • EBS
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1010] - For partial deployment projects, allow deploy plugin operation to skip files from execution using object types. This is useful to perform deployment of specific object types on specific endpoints.
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1130] - Fixed regression issue with SQL retry based count set on project properties.
  • Oracle APEX
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1083] - Allow for setup of source environment for deploy operation.
  • File
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1045] - Fix for issue where stringReplacementMultiple fails if value has = in it.
  • Unix Shell
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1049] - Fix behavior where failure exception message was showing up with script output logs.
  • Wildfly
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1052] - Fix for issue where deploy/undeploy operations fail with NullPointerException in certain cases.
  • Oracle Integration Cloud
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1127] - updateConnections - If connections plan is already in temp dir, it will throw error when copying to itself.
  • Perforce
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-1156] - Perforce Plugin - export and checkout operations incorrectly configured to produce artifacts

New Plugins

  • Google Apigee
    • Supports deployment of API Proxy and Shared Flow to Apigee platform.
  • Oracle API Platform
    • Supports export and import of APIs to the Oracle API Platform server.

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-850] - Create Snapshot API
    • Promote to release should not throw error if version is already present in latest snapshot.
    • Create snapshot fails for All Files type partial deployment projects.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-959] - GIT - during repository access make sure to set default Author Name and Email to avoid errors with local repository git operations.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1032] - Able to submit build for a release but don't have permission to create snapshot.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1092] - NullPointerException on JDK8 while editing a pipeline role, if cancel is clicked on Team tab.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1140] - Add new package in release causes another row to have selected package change.

Installation Recommendations

  • For Tomcat install, we recommend the following addition in context.xml. Note that for we had indicated addition of connectionCacheProperties but connectionCachingEnabled was missed.
    • connectionCachingEnabled="true"

FlexDeploy (01-05-2019)

Version Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - SOA, Groovy, Oracle Integration Cloud, Git, Oracle EBS, WebMethods, File, Oracle Service Bus, Oracle Forms


  • [FLEXDEPLOY-869] - Additional methods for snapshot details in groovy scripts. For example, ability to get all deployed, failed, skipped, not attempted project details. Details documented for each Gate and Step, for example see Deploy All Step.

Plugin Updates

  • EBS
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-956] - Index out of bounds error for forms/F during Populate from SCM.
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-961] - Partial deployment operation now performs Dos2Unix prior to deployment of files.
  • Groovy
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-865] - allow use of additional classpath for third party libraries.
  • File
  • Git
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-973] - Use LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable for git execution.
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-989] - Populate from SCM was failing with Git when using FlexDeploy as Docker container.
  • Oracle Integration Cloud
    • Modified the connection property replacement approach to utilize a connection plan, similar to a SOA Suite config plan, to apply property changes between environments. NOTE: this isn't backwards compatible with the previous connection property replacement approach)
    • New operations (exportLibrary and importLibrary) added to manage shared libraries.
    • New operation (exportUpdateIntegrations) added to support continuous integration with an OIC instance.  Operation will check an OIC instance for any integrations that have changed since the last poll.
    • New operation (buildIntegration) added to support SCM based integrations and create an artifact, either from an iar file or the expanded code.
  • SOA
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-885] - modified how the plugin finds the composite.xml to ignore any directories prefixed with a dot (example, .template directory)
  • WebMethods
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-835] - Deploy now does not leave plain-text password in projectAutomatorInputsForRepository.xml.
  • Forms
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-941] - Forms Plugin was failing even when compilation is success on Linux.
  • Oracle Service Bus
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-921] - OSB Plugin was taking too long to perform build operation.

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-228] - REST API - Can't add project to release when there is a space in the name of the project.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-878] - Pipeline Execution fails to pass FlexField and Workflow Input values to deployment execution when using Packages.

Incompatible Changes

  • See Oracle Integration Cloud Plugin details in Plugin Updates section. You may have to adjust your FlexDeploy workflows if you are using OIC Plugin.

FlexDeploy (12-08-2018)

Version Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - CVS, Docker, EBS, GIT, JDBC, Kubernetes, Oracle MFT, Oracle BI, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle APEX, Oracle Database, Oracle Forms, PVCS, Unix Shell, Subversion, Microsoft TFVC, WebLogic

There are incompatible changes in this patch. We also have recommendation for Tomcat data source configuration for FlexDeploy.


  • [FLEXDEPLOY-752] - Date format for various Locales are added - Norway, Sweden, Chile.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-858] - Post Clone Request form updated for ease of use. This feature is useful specifically for EBS environments where non production environments are frequently refreshed from production, where developers can quickly redeploy code that was overwritten during clone process.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-733] - Significant performance improvements for export step for partial deployment projects with SCM type of Git.

Platform Support

  • FlexDeploy now supports HP-UX Operating System for both FlexDeploy Server and Endpoints. ([FLEXDEPLOY-762] & [FLEXDEPLOY-863])

Plugin Updates

    • Operation for RPD and WebCatalog files are now separated. (obiBuild, obiDeploy, rpdBuild, rpdDeploy). If you were using obiDeploy operation to deploy RPD files as well, you should adjust FlexDeploy workflow.
      • RPD deployment is only supported using full deployment projects now.
    • Operation for restart of services is also separated from deploy operations. If you were restarting services with obiDeploy operation, you need to add restart operation after deploy operation in FlexDeploy workflow.
    • Added property to indicate source RPD password. This would be useful if password for RPD files is different in various environments.
    • Environment Instance and Project level properties are simplified now for easier configuration. For example, some properties are now derived automatically and few duplicate properties are now removed.
    • WebCatalog Folder deployment issues are now resolved. Folder is also deployed first now to allow for deployment of WebCatalog objects in those folders. This helps when Folder is deployed for first time to any environment.
  • Oracle MFT
    • Added support for MFT Credential.
    • Export Transfer now allows for export of all or common properties for configuration plan.
  • Oracle Apex
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-830] - deploy operation now can be used with partial deployment project. Use Generic type of partial deployment project. This will allow customers deploy one or more individual application pages if they are exported individually and stored in SCM.
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-870] - APEX - Support TNS_ADMIN environment variable. This can be useful if .ora configuration files are not in standard location.
  • Oracle Integration Cloud
    • New operations added to manage connections and lookups.
    • Support added to the integration operations to manage connections as a single operation.  This is user controlled.
  • Oracle WebLogic
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-753] - Data sources now allow for 2phase commit setting.
  • Docker
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-807] - Port parameter is passed incorrectly.
  • Kubernetes
    • run operation. Creates a new deployment on a K8s cluster from a Docker image
    • exec operaton. Executes a custom command inside a pod on a K8s cluster
  • Oracle Database
    • [FLEXDEPLOY-841] - Oracle DB Plugin - Compile invalids - if a db link doesn't exist, it fails out before compiling the other invalids.

New Plugins

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-533] - Release Dashboard - current state fails to display all versions
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-535] - Release Dashboard - test step execution details shows Success when tests run but fail to meet success qualifiers.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-618] - Approval Tasks - Target Date is shown as "On Approval" when a Scheduled Start Time is set on the Deployment Request.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-743] - Release Dashboard - "Version On" cutoff on comparison of snapshot details to environment.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-757] - Various fixes for partial deployments projects with SCM Type of CVS.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-777] - Null pointer exception on Release Dashboard
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-834] - Subversion - revision lookup fails to get all revision details if file was renamed.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-847] - Debug and reduce complexity of working with child workflows.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-862] - String index out of range when populating project files from SCM for EBS report files.

Incompatible Changes

  • See OBIEE Plugin details in Plugin Updates section. You may have to adjust your FlexDeploy workflows if you are using OBIEE Plugin.

Installation Recommendations

  • For Tomcat install, we recommend following change in context.xml.
    • Remove "maxActive="100" maxIdle="10" maxWait="60"
    • Add connectionCacheProperties="{InitialLimit=0, MinLimit=0, MaxLimit=100, ConnectionWaitTimeout=60, InactivityTimeout=60, AbandonedConnectionTimeout=60, PropertyCheckInterval=30}"

FlexDeploy (10-27-2018)

Version Details

  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -


  • After installation when FlexDeploy is launched for first time, users will have ability to create administrative user with password. Previously user and password was defaulted to fdadmin and welcome1.
  • Plugins page now has link to download latest version of plugins. You can still use support.flexagon.com to download plugins.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-92] - Add Force Deploy boolean flag to Workflow Execution Context. See FlexDeploy Variables Guide.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-203] - Add Workflow Context variables for Project Path, Project Id and Server Base URL. See FlexDeploy Variables Guide.
  • Added MENU_ENTRY and REQUEST_GROUP_ENTRY support for AOL object types for EBS projects.
  • FlexDeploy tutorials for EBS, WebLogic Resources and Java Application are now available with sample docker image. See FlexDeploy 5.0 Documentation.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-225] - Date format for various Locales are added - English (US, England, Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand), Portuguese (Brazil), German (Germany).
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-327] - Show Release Id on release search and edit page.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-195] - EBS - ignore failure checkbox added on project files tab for sql files. This will allow users to easily ignore sql file failures. Project level property to ignore failures is still available as well.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-154] - EBS - If sql file contains WHENEVER SQLERROR CONTINUE, it will be marked to ignore failures on project files tab.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-196] - EBS - allow for override of match script.  This script determines which category files are populated into.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-274] - Partial Execute operation for shell plugin now allows setting of the file status using helper functions.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-271] - WebLogic - allow SubDeployment for Foreign JMS Server configuration
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-295] - EBS - added support for FND_PRINTER type for AOL objects.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-376] - EBS - allow for space in AOL, Web ADI and Setup files.
  • Docker plugin updates for build image and push image operations.
  • Run containerized plugin on docker container.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-243] - Allow logging of DBMS Output for JDBC plugin - partialDeploy operation. Additionally, new input added to control printing of SQL statements in plugin logs.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-431] - Release description is added to release based notifications.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-461] - Project id, Project Name and Folder Path variables are now available in override match script for partial deployment projects.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-157] - Approval & Scheduled Tasks - allows search by FlexFields.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-437] - Add Task Id on Approval and Scheduled Task pages.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-404] - Partial Deployments - Show commit user, time and message for files included in Package.
  • Approval and Scheduled tasks for project and pipeline execution now allow for entry of some comments. These comments are available in various email notifications, as well as on Reports.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-404] - Partial Build - Show commit user, time and message for package files
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-334] - EBS - support package definition independent of build execution

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-441] - Notification - add link to pipeline execution in dashboard from release notifications

Oracle E-Business Suite post cloning optimizations

  • Environment Instances now come with the capability to "re-sync" deployments after being cloned from another EBS environment.
  • The Environment Instance form now has a new button for Post Refresh Requests.
  • Two new screens
    • Post Refresh Requests - Shows all previous Post Refresh Requests for a particular Environment Instance as well as a form to generate a new request.
    • Post Refresh Status - Shows the execution of a Post Refresh Request and each individual workflow execution status.
  • Builds, packages, and deployments are auto submitted by FlexDeploy based on the differences between the source and target Environment Instances selected for the refresh.

Static Package Definition for Partial Projects

  • Partial deployment projects now have capability to configure Package Details outside of build request.
  • Static package allows for sharing package details between standalone build request or build as part of release.
  • See Project Packages for more details.

Microservices, Containers, Container Orchestration Engines

  • Docker plugin is enriched with run, build, push operations.
  • A new Kubernetes plugin
  • FlexDeploy Plugin as a Docker container
    • Plugin SDK allows to develop FlexDeploy plugins as Docker containers
    • SOAP UI plugin and ADF Builder plugin are implemented as Docker containers
  • End point can be configured as a Docker host and as a K8s cluster to run plugins implemented as Docker containers

Purging Execution Data

  • Due to modification in the retention criteria, the upgrade disables the purge.  Customers should review the criteria to ensure it meets their data retention policies, and then re-enable it.  Failure to purge execution data can result in increased storage and slower performance over time.  Keep the data you need to meet your data retention policies, but avoid retaining more than you need.
  • Execution data is no longer archived into separate tables, and instead is retained in the operational tables until it is completely purged from the system.  For this reason, the Retention Days (Archive) parameter has been removed, and its value has been set into the Retention Days parameter during the upgrade.  Archive data has been merged back into the operations tables during the migration.
  • Project versions are no longer ineligible for purge only because they are part of a pipeline execution (snapshot) which is ineligible.  The project version is purged, along with the corresponding snapshot version.  The snapshot is then marked as inconsistent.

Ease of adoption

  • FlexDeploy Tutorials (with docker images) are now available for EBS, SOA and ADF build and deployment configurations.
  • FlexDeploy is available as a Docker container. See blog article.

Reports and Dashboard

All Report screens are optimized based on customer feedback. See Reports for more details.

  • Basic and Advanced mode for search.
  • Reports are initialized to past 3 months data.
  • Show Change Ticket and/or Issue Numbers where appropriate.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-147] - Allow for Package Name based search on Reports.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-146] - Display Release Name on Reports if applicable.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-291] - Show individual file status on history report to show correct status if workflow failed and some files were success.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-213] - Allow searching of reports by External Ticket Number.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-463] - Allow searching of reports by Issue Number.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-156] - Allow searching of reports by FlexFields.

Now there is greater insight into release snapshot content, allowing approvers and other users to easily see the delta between the environment state and the content being deployed.

  • Compare snapshot content against the state of an environment, with delta highlighted.
  • Visual indication of differences between the "on deck" snapshot and the current snapshot on the Release Dashboard State tab.

API Updates

We have added various REST API. See FlexDeploy API Guide for details.

  • Topology
    • Environment
    • Instance
    • Endpoint
    • Environment Instance
    • Testing Tool Instances
    • Issue Tracking Instances
    • Change Management System Instances
    • SCM Instances
  • Administration
    • Testing Tools
    • Issue Tracking Systems
    • Change Management Systems
    • Resource Types
    • Plugins
    • Test Types
  • Workflows
  • Projects
    • Project Streams
    • Project Properties
    • Execute Utility Project Request
  • Release
    • Create snapshot
    • Promote project version to release
  • Project
    • Project Version search
    • Folder and Application search
    • Project search using path
    • Download version artifacts
  • Security
    • User
    • Group
  • Task
    • Approval tasks
    • Scheduled tasks

Plugin Updates

  • Docker plugin
    • Enriched with run, build, push operations.
  • SOA Plugin
    • Added the ability to stop the composite immediately after a successful deployment.  This capability is provided through an input on the deploy operation and is defaulted to false so no workflow changes needed.  This can be useful when running a passive server for failover but need the composite to be off until needed.
  • EBS Plugin
    • Details described in General and Bug Fixes sections.

New Plugins

  • Oracle Integration Cloud Plugin
    • Allows export and import of Integration from and to OIC.
  • Kubernetes plugin
    • Provides a means to manage resources (deployments, pods, services, etc.) in a K8s cluster by performing various Kubectl commands including apply, label, delete and scale.
  • Docker Containerized Plugins
    • SOAP UI plugin
    • ADF Builder

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY[-721] - EBS - Generate Custom Jar contents are incorrect in some circumstances.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-160] - Issue Tracking and Change Management system instance password is not recognized when there are other validation errors.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1] - Release Dashboard shows snapshot content as empty on older projects if the project/package is removed from the Release after execution.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-3] - Test Automation Dashboard does not show all Projects, Set, Definitions.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-7] - When populating groups from active directory the first time, they are not sorted.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-33] - Plugin logs show **** in many places in some lines.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-35] - Foreign Key violation when setting pipeline role permissions on NEW pipeline. Edit works fine. (Constraint "PIPELINE_ROLE_PERM_PERM_FK" is violated during post operation "Insert")
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-36] - NullPointerException clicking on Team tab from Security tab on Pipeline.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-37] - Missing enum and missing image for Queued status on dashboard.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-42] - Testing Tool name should not be updatable.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-48] - EBS project issue - no such property "FILE_PERMISSIONS" can't move files from “Script” object type to “Script with execution” object type.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-61] - Add File button on Build Request Form (Partial) should not do anything if user has not entered any file name.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-180] - EBS Publisher XML file extract fails with ls: cannot access
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-202] - Abort snapshot link is no longer available in release dashboard for external realm users.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-38] - EBS - sql file execution fails when file name contains spaces.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-39] - EBS - when populating files from SCM, show error message if the Application Short Name is not configured on project properties.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-108] - EBS - avoid execution failures when file path, password, URL contains space.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-207] - Partial Deployment - File contents not considered correctly when moving file to different object type.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-231] - EBS - AOL Target Location doesn't use the App Short Name attribute for target location.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-257] - EBS - App Short Name is not used with Publisher files for Deploy Command.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-269] - EBS - source changes from EBS to SCM on re-evaluate of files that are being exported from EBS.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-273] - Release Execution - project group does not work well when some projects have no groups selected on release definition.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-289] - Security Realm - Required fields show value required errors on create.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-296] - Snapshot - if project is changed from all files to package, next snapshot does not remove all files version from snapshot.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-310] - EBS - some sql files execute successfully in FlexDeploy but failed to create objects in database if / is missing in file.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-332] - utPLSQL V3 doesn't find testcases when a suitepath is specified.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-337] - Security Realm - if you enable group mapping before filling in details, it doesn't enable the group mapping tab or require the group fields properly.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-346] - Release Dashboard - approve button not visible if external realm user is member of pipeline role.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-252] - Approval tasks are not searchable by snapshot name.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-98] - Snapshot - duplicate project in snapshot versions if stream is changed for project in release definition.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-262] - Environment Instance or Project level property with default goes back to previous setting when cleared.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-267] - Home - Approval & Scheduled task count now includes release based task and both counts are for Tasks assigned to logged in user.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-355] - Release Security - Create/Update permission can be independently granted to only control Release name and description. Other permissions like Configure Project List, Configure CMS do not require Create/Update permission.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-377] - Pipeline Execution - Boolean variable is not working in Precondition script.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-440] - Rebuild package now initializes branch name based on selected previously built package. Other details like files, flexfields, workflow inputs were already being initialized from selected package.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-451] - Microsoft TFVC Plugin - Get operation is not working when change set is not provided.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-343] - Report - Discrepancy Report Export does not export Project Path, just has name.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-71] - Pipeline execution stays failed when failed test gate is skipped.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-438] - FlexFields label are not showing correctly on Approval and Scheduled task pages.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-479] - NullPointerException fix during HP UFT test parse.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-287] - Endpoint - copying endpoint does not copy username.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-456] - EBS - add ; at end of file if necessary. For example, If there is only view in the SQL file without ; at the end, sqlplus fails to create the view.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-457] - EBS - add SHOW ERRORS in deploy command if not present for SQL files.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-529] - EBS - build command fails if there is space in file or path.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-455] - Partial build - Add changed adds deleted files to package.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-523] - Jira integration adds comment on wrong tickets in some situations.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-545] - Perforce checkout failure isn't caught correctly, and doesn't terminate the implicit checkout build step when the requested revision number < the first available number.

Incompatible Changes

  • New REST API added are setup to use Basic Authentication, which should work just fine with Tomcat but for WebLogic server, you need to set enforce-valid-basic-auth-credentials flag to false for domain.
  • Due to modification in the retention criteria, the upgrade disables the purge. See purge execution data section above for more details.

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