The FlexDeploy™ Installation Guide provides information and instructions for installing FlexDeploy and its components. For Community Edition Quick Start installs, please refer to the FlexDeploy-QuickStart-CE-Guide-3.7 document.

If you want to install new WebLogic domain for FlexDeploy, see Appendix A – WebLogic 12.1.3 Installation

Installation Steps

  1. Database Schema Installation
  2. FlexDeploy Server Setup
  3. Endpoints


The Community Edition is distributed with all required software.

For Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition the software can be downloaded from http://support.flexagon.com

  • Navigate to Solutions tab - Software Downloads - FlexDeploy 3.7.1 Downloads
  • There are several options to download the software:
    • Complete install for Weblogic (includes Weblogic files, database scripts, and plugins)
    • Complete install for Glassfish (includes Glassfish files, database scripts, and plugins)
    • Individual components
      • Oracle Database Install scripts
      • Weblogic Ear and required files
      • Glassfish Ear
      • All plugins (or individual plugins)