EBS Object Types - XML Gateway (XGM)

Oracle XML Gateway is a set of services that allows easy integration with the Oracle E-Business Suite to support XML messaging. The XML Gateway consumes events raised by the Oracle E-Business Suite and subscribes to inbound events for processing.

Object Type Identification

  • Files with extension .xgm are considered regardless of location.
  • Files with extensions .dtd, .xsl that are in the xgm folder
XML Gateway Root Source Directory on Project Properties tab defaults to xgm, but you can update if you are keeping the XML Gateway files in a different folder.

File Extensions

.xgmOracle Message Maps that are to be loaded into the XML Gateway repository
.dtdMain and reference DTDs for a given Message Map
.xslXSLT style sheets used to transform an XML message for rendering

Object Type

XML Gateway (XGM)XGM

Object Type Attributes

NameCodeDescriptionDefault ValueSupported Values
SourceSOURCEObject Source Location Type

SCM (**populating from SCM)

EBS (**manual creation)

Target LocationTARGET_LOCATIONPath to where the file should be deployed to


Default can be changed using XML Gateway Root Destination Directory property.

Map Code
XGM_MAP_CODEOracle Message Map Code<file name> (**without path/extension)

Delete Before Load

DELETE_BEFORE_LOADDelete Message Map Before Loadfalsetrue | false
Root ElementDTD_ROOT_ELEMENT_NAMEDTD Root Element Name (Required only for .dtd files)

LocationDTD_LOCATIONDTD Subdirectory Name entered in the Specify XML File and Root Element window of the wizard (Required only for .dtd files)

Application Code

XSLT Style Sheet Subdirectory (Required only for .xsl files)

VersionXSLT_VERSIONXSLT Style Sheet Version (Required only for .xsl files)

Related Project Properties

NameCodeDescriptionDefault Value
File PermissionsFDEBS_FILE_PERMISSIONSTarget File Permission. Will be set to target file after deployment using chmod. eg: 755

Sample Build Commands 

java oracle.apps.ecx.loader.DownloadMap $FDEBS_DB_USER "$FDEBS_DB_PASSWORD" "$AD_APPS_JDBC_URL" cXML_OrderRequest

Sample Deploy Commands 

cp "$SOURCE_FILE" "$XXHR_TOP/patch/115/xml/";
java oracle.apps.ecx.loader.DeleteMap $FDEBS_DB_USER "$FDEBS_DB_PASSWORD" "$AD_APPS_JDBC_URL" cXML_OrderRequest;
java oracle.apps.ecx.loader.LoadMap $FDEBS_DB_USER "$FDEBS_DB_PASSWORD" "$AD_APPS_JDBC_URL" "$XXHR_TOP/patch/115/xml/cXML_OrderRequest.xgm";
cat loader.log;
mv loader.log cXML_OrderRequest,log;
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