FlexDeploy - OpenShift Plugin Guide

This plugin provides users with the means to manage resources (Deployments, DeploymentConfigs, Pods, Projects, Services, etc.) in a cluster by performing various OpenShift CLI(oc) commands, including apply, label, delete, run, and exec.

Supported Versions

  • The plugin supports both Windows and UNIX operating systems.
  • OpenShift v4.x

Key Features

  • push configuration changes to the cluster
  • set labels on resources
  • tag images
  • create and delete resources
  • run commands from containers

Plugin Operations

OpenShift Cloud Account

Authentication and connection details to your OpenShift server are both handled in the OpenShift Cloud Account. To create a cloud account head to Topology→Integrations→Cloud and hit the plus/create button.

Be sure to select OpenShift as the provider

OpenShift Authorization Token

There are two options for the Authorization Token