Configuration File Setup

The configuration file used for the various import operations of the B2B Plugin should be stored in the Artifacts Repository prior to deployment. The input to specify the config file only requires the config file name as it is assumed it will be located in the artifacts repository. The config file has two sections; the Header section and the Properties section.

The Header section consists of 4 header lines as seen below

Use: {'Agreements' or 'BaseChannels'}
ObjectsToUse: {Object1, Object2}
ListsToUse: {MyCompanyProtocol, RespondingPartnerAgrmtIDs, PartnerIDs, PartnerProtocol}
MyCompanyName: MyCompany

The Use line indicates whether the config file will be used for Agreements or Base Listening Channels.

The ObjectsToUse line specifies which objects this config file applies to, these will be either the Listening Channel or Agreement names.

The ListsToUse specifies which property sets to use for the given objects.

The MyCompanyName line should just contain Base Partner name, defaulted to MyCompany by Oracle.

The full list of properties can be found at Configuration File Property Sets.

The second section indicates which properties to replace on which objects. The lines follow the below format.


For full configuration file examples see here.

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