This operation will create a template connection plan file using the connections found on the current OIC environment instance.  This connection plan can be applied during the importConnections operation or importIntegration operation.

Its purpose is to allow environment specific properties to be replaced for connections prior to deployment.  This prevents manual updates of the connections artifacts in between deployments to different environments.

Read the blog at for more information.

Environment/Instance Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription




The REST Base URI of a running OIC Instance

OIC UserFDOIC_USERNAMEYesThe user to connect to OIC as
OIC PasswordFDOIC_PASSWORDYesThe password for the OIC User

Project Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
Connection ListFDOIC_INP_CONNECTION_LISTNoCSV list of connection ids to use during creation. Leave blank to use all.
OIC Connection Plan FileFDOIC_INP_CONNECTION_PLANNoOptional input to specify a different connection plan file name. Default ''.  An absolute path can be specified otherwise the location is relative to the temp directory.


Output NameDescription


This operation doesn’t consume or produce any artifacts.

Endpoint Selection

This operation will select all available endpoints associated to the environment/instance.

Endpoint Execution

This operation will execute on any one of the selected endpoints and will be random in the determination of which one.

Special Considerations

Connection Plan Format

The connection plan closely follows Java Properties syntax with the notable exception that spaces to not delimit the key value pairs. 

Line FieldDescription
ConnectionIdThe connectionId on the server.  This is typically the connection name found in the UI with spaces replaced by underscores and in all caps.  Example: Sample FTP Connection = SAMPLE_FTP_CONNECTION.
connection|secureLiteral text of either 'connection' or 'secure' to indicate if it is a secure property or normal connection property.
propertyDisplayNameThis is the name of the property as seen in the UI.
valueThis can literal text or FD Properties.

Connection Plan Processing

In the sample above we can see we are replacing the FTP Server Host on the SAMPLE_FTP_CONNECTION with ${{FD_OIC_FTP_HOST}}.  This means that FD_OIC_FTP_HOST is configured as a FlexDeploy property(most likely an environment instance property) and has a different value for each OIC environment we have.  This allows us to dynamically set the FTP Server Host based on environment without ever changing our artifacts.