Upgrading FlexDeploy - GlassFish

This chapter covers the process to upgrade a GlassFish FlexDeploy installation. For the purpose of this upgrade document, GLASSFISH_HOME is the directory: {$INSTALL_LOCATION/GlassFish3/glashfish}

If you are performing minor Patch upgrade, you may have downloaded separate files instead of complete zip, in which case adjust steps accordingly as you will have individual files instead of complete zip. For example, you may have one or more SQL Patch files and new EAR file and some plugin jar files.

GlassFish Support

As of 4.0.3, FlexDeploy no longer provides an installation package for GlassFish. However, the upgrade instructions are provided in support of Community Edition users which have existing GlassFish installations. Support for GlassFish will be removed in a future release, and those installations will be required to migrate to either Tomcat or WebLogic.

  1. Identify the location of the artifact repository
  2. Stop the GlassFish FlexDeploy application
  3. Backup Oracle schemas
  4. Backup the artifact repository
  5. Upgrade database schemas
  6. Library Configuration
  7. Copy Plugins for Auto Upload
  8. Restart the GlassFish server
  9. Uninstall Old EAR
  10. Deploy New EAR
  11. Start the application
  12. Launch the application
  13. Activate plugins
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