FlexDeploy EBS Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide aims to put customers on the fast-track for getting FlexDeploy up and operational in a very short period of time. This guide anchors on configuring FlexDeploy to perform build and deployments for Oracle EBS (for a single deployment environment – e.g. Test). Similar steps can be used to configure FlexDeploy for other technologies and/or environments.

There are two models for managing EBS build and deployments. Both models are grounded on having EBS customizations stored in a Source Control Management System (SCM).

  • Full Deployment model – All customizations committed to an SCM branch are eligible for build and subsequent deployment to one or more environments. This model is suitable when there are structured releases, and branching and merging SCM strategies are used to manage concurrent development. This model supports continuous integration, and minimizes the day to day maintenance of picking and choosing which files to include in build and deployments.
  • Partial Deployment model – All customizations committed to an SCM branch are candidates for build and subsequent deployment to one or more environments. This model is suitable when a single SCM branch contains changes that will be built and deployed to the environments on different timelines. In this model, developers have the flexibility to select individual files at build time, assembling them into packages. These packages can then be deployed across the environments according to business requirements. 
In both models you also have the flexibility to source AOL objects from your EBS development instance rather than the SCM.

This Getting Started Guide walks through the step by step instructions to implement both of these models. The configuration steps are exactly the same, up until creating the FlexDeploy projects. Creating the two different project types and performing subsequent builds and deployments using the two different models is covered in the later sections of this guide. The complete documentation can be found in the FlexDeploy User's Guide.


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This guide assumes that you have the following prerequisites in place.

  1. FlexDeploy is installed and running (See the FlexDeploy User's Guide for instructions)
  2. A target EBS instance is available in your environment
  3. The required plugins have been uploaded and activated on the FlexDeploy server (see FlexDeploy User's Guide for instructions)

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