Upgrading FlexDeploy - Tomcat

This page provide the options available for upgrading your FlexDeploy on Tomcat installation.

If you are performing minor Patch upgrade, you may have downloaded separate files instead of complete zip, in which case adjust steps accordingly as you will have individual files instead of complete zip. For example, you may have one or more SQL Patch files and new WAR file and some plugin jar files. In this case Upgrade in place would be best option.

  • New installation - A new FlexDeploy on Tomcat installation (based on download zip), with instructions for migrating your data and configuration files to new installation. This migration path is the simpler of the two, but may not be suitable for every situation.
  • Upgrade in place - Upgrade FlexDeploy on an existing Tomcat server which you need/want to keep. You may prefer this option if you have other applications on the same Tomcat server, or want to preserve the existing server for any reason.

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