FlexDeploy Release Notes

Download releases from the support site, support.flexagon.com.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 10-19-2017


  • For Partial Deploy projects when performing Build All Files request, populated files will be sorted as per FD_ORDER.seq file in project root folder in SCM.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 08-28-2017

Plugin Updates

  • Weblogic
    • Add support for Side-by-Side deployment

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 08-09-2017

Plugin Updates

  • OBI
    • Fix issue with Password encryption on the 11G RPD.
  • Ant
    • Added Feature allowing the use of an external ANT_HOME. This allows users to use a different version of Ant than what is packaged in the plugin.

      • Added an optional Environment/Instance property FDANT_ANT_HOME
      • If this property is unset, it is ignored and the plugin executes normally

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 07-24-2017

Plugin Updates

  • EBS
    • Fix issue with the mkdir command not handling spaces properly when creating folders in deploy environments.
  • Mule
    • Added a number of new operations to create and manage servers and clusters.
    • Improvements to the status checking on deployments.
  • Oracle Database
    • Fix regression where baselining multiple schemas fails.
  • Perforce
    • Added an optional input for Changeset ID to specify the Changeset ID to label. Default is to label the latest revision.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 07-19-2017


  • Increase the length of the Project Name field from 50 to 100 characters.

Plugin Updates

  • EBS
    • The plugin now fails properly in the case that the FNDLOAD download command downloads invalid content, for instance if the parameters are not set correctly. This prevents deploying the invalid file.
    • Fixed issue where sometimes the SQL extensions project property wasn't taking effect.
    • Allow Publisher File objects to send in no language code by setting the value to 00. The same works for Territory Code.
  • Weblogic
    • Fix for leaving lock in some cases on development mode servers.
    • Fix for JMS deployments on some Weblogic 11g servers where they were falsely identified as 12c servers and the wrong wlst scripts were being used in some cases.
    • Added support for EIS Transaction Field

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 06-29-2017


  • Fix for TFVC Build and Populate sometimes throwing error, especially if multiple checkouts were performed simultaneously.
  • Fix for Invisible FlexFields being visible on Application Request Form.
  • Fix for abort button not closing the ssh connection properly.
  • Better error when Endpoint Instance override setting is wrong in a workflow.

Plugin Updates

  • TFVC
    • Fixed a few issues that were reported regarding cache folder management
  • Maven
    • Environment Instance variables were logged multiple times when internal Maven was used.
  • File Plugin
    • Fix for the Generic String Replacement operation when running on Java 7+ and the replacement text has ${ in it, and literal is set to true.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 06-21-2017

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI)
    • Improvements to RPD value replacement
    • Added Restart OBI Services operations for 11g and 12c

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 06-14-2017


  • Added new variables in Workflow Execution Context for FD_WORKFLOW_REQUEST_ID and FD_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_ID.

  • Fix for create Approval button on Folder/Application Configuration page was not enabled for users with Update Approval permissions. It was available to FlexDeploy Administrators.

  • Added MainStream variable to FlexField Validation Groovy Script.

  • Test instances were incorrectly marked as not Deployment Target.

  • REST API fix - Package Name is not unique anymore so allowing user to provide ProjectVersion or UseLatestPackageVersion flag.

  • New properties added to ServiceNow instance to allow customization of Approval and Rejection logic for Change Tickets.

  • Fix for NullPointerException in flexagon.fd.model.script.PropertyValueEvaluator.evaluatePropertyExpressions where empty expression is set for Property values.

  • Fix for JIRA integration fails with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/lang/StringEscapeUtils.

  • Added xls extension to file names and removed space in file name for all Report export to excel operations.

  • Added CMS integration (ServiceNow) and external approval support when deploying at application level.

  • Environment history and state report was not showing external tickets for ITS and folder request.

  • Fix for - groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: InstanceCode for class: Script1, when performing application level build.

  • Approval and Scheduled tasks pages have link now for Application Request as well, so approver can easily look at details of Request.
  • Fix for version name was not being displayed in Scheduled Tasks page for project details.

Plugin Updates

  • JDBC
    • SQL File parser updated to match common conventions. Previous approach of delimiting SQL commands using / on new line will continue to work as well.
    • SQL commands now can be delimited by ; in most cases, but / is needed for some cases like Package specification and body.
  • Maven
    • Ability to use Maven installed on Endpoint.
    • Ability to source environment variables before execution.
  • SoapUI
    • Artifacts will be delivered in deploy step, which can contain SoapUI project files to be used for test execution.
  • Tomcat
    • Updated description on Tomcat War File property to indicate that file does not have to be in root of Artifacts folder, but it can be inside specific sub-folders.
  • WebLogic
    • FD_ORACLE_MW_HOME is now required if you are deploying EIS entries.

    • Fix for JMS object deployment failures when very large properties file is used.
    • Number of EIS entries updated was being incorrectly reported in plugin logs and output.
  • Windows Shell
    • Plugin did not fail if bat file being executed did not exist.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 05-31-2017

Plugin Updates

  • The Jenkins FlexDeploy Plugin was updated in the Update Center. Download it from your Jenkins install.
    • Fix for help messages on the form inputs
    • Improve error messages when validating connection to FlexDeploy

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 05-22-2017


  • FlexFields
    • FlexFields for Build or Deploy request can now be setup to be invisible. This will allow for custom validations to be executed prior to submit of request. Variables supported in FlexFields groovy validation scripts are - EnvironmentCode, InstanceCodes, ProjectName, ApplicationName, FolderPath, PartialDeploymentsFlag, ProjectType, WorkflowName, PackageName, StartTime, StreamName, StreamAttribute1, StreamAttribute2, StreamAttribute3, BuildEnvironmentCode, BuildInstanceCode, UserName, UserRoles, Force, ExceptionToWindow, TriggerType, Value, ValidationMessage.

      • For example, if you want to require Package Name (optional by default), you can configure an invisible FlexField to perform such validation.

    • Build request FlexFields are associated with the Project Version and stored in database. Now they are visible on the Approval and Scheduled Tasks table, so that the approver can make decisions based on those values. In addition, build request FlexFields are also visible on various reports.
  • Approval and Scheduled Tasks
    • Package Name is now displayed for each request.
    • Request Id is now link which will allow the approver to view details of the request (like Included Files) prior to approving the request.
    • Build request FlexFields are visible now for each request waiting for approval or schedule.
  • Partial Deployment Projects
    • Package Name is no longer a unique constraint. Users can reuse the same Package Name for many builds. Each build request will still have unique Project Version. This will allow users to rebuild the Package over time before eventually deploying to down-stream environments.
      • Re-build Package with Same Files option will default Package Name to the same as the previous package name for which user clicked Re-build Gear icon.
      • Project Version and Created by is now displayed on various screens along with Package Name, which should give users more visibility into the package details.
    • Added new permission - Configure Commands to allow control of who can update Build and Deploy commands for Project Files. This was previously limited to FlexDeploy Administrators.
    • Edit and Inactivate icons on Project Files screen are now available on left side as well so that user does not have to scroll all the way to right to perform those actions.
  • Project Properties - Override Property button does not lose values entered on the screen.
  • Tomcat server failed to stop in some cases with shutdown scripts as SSH threads did not terminate correctly. This issue is now resolved.
  • Build or Deploy notification email now includes Project Version or Package Name along with Request Id.

Plugin Updates

  • EBS
    • File Permissions are now supported for various types of files. You can configure File Permissions property on Project Properties and on evaluate File level Target File Permission value will default accordingly. You can individually control each file to have different File Permission as well. This was requested for various Script type files by various customers.
    • Added App Short Name for AOL Object Types, which is used in Build command.
    • Fixed issue with Publisher .xsl files where LOB Type was always set to XML_SAMPLE, now it should be setup as per content of .xsl file.
  • Oracle Database
    • Fixed issue with rename of column which is used by constraints or indexes.
    • Added support for automated rollback to the pre-deploy state on deploy failure
  • WebLogic
    • New operation added to manage OPSS Policy Store details like Application Roles and Enterprise Role memberships.
  • Nexus plugin - retrieve artifacts from Nexus repository.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 05-11-2017


  • Project Files screen

    • Evaluate on Functional Setup was marking Keep Current Value for most of the attributes.

    • For existing Functional Setups, if additional parameter was entered it wiped out previous settings.
    • Project File Includes and Excludes property can now be configured to control files populated on Project Files tab for EBS projects.

Plugin Updates

  • EBS
    • SQL Loader files will not be loaded automatically now. This appears to be default expectation and if desired users can still choose to run sqlldr by checking Execute SQL Loader checkbox for specific files.
    • .pll files are configurable separately from other forms files, so that customers can control source and destination folders appropriately if necessary.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 05-05-2017


  • FDBLD_ENVIRONMENT_CODE and FDBLD_INSTANCE_CODE variables are available in Build and Deploy workflow context, so that deploy workflow can understand where Build was performed if necessary.

  • EnvironmentCode and InstanceCode variables are available in Version Syntax script now.

Plugin Updates

  • EBS SQL update for compatibility with the latest EBS plugin version
  • EBS SQL to fix issues when deploying sql with exit in it. The fix requires the sql to be run, the plugin to be activated, and the sql files to be re-evaluated.
  • EBS SQL to fix issues with some commands being run twice (bug wasn't fully fixed in the initial 4.0.3 release as was initially thought)

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 05-04-2017

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle Business Intelligence
    • Fixed issues with RPD deployments

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 05-01-2017

Plugin Updates

  • EBS SQL update to make Language optional for Publisher files. This allows the build and deploy commands to be built without the language argument.
  • Jenkins Plugin - Download artifacts from Jenkins to be used in a FlexDeploy build step.
  • Artifactory Plugin - Download artifacts from Artifactory to be used in a FlexDeploy build step.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 04-28-2017

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle Database Plugin
    • Fix issues with dropping and disabling constraints that are supported by indexes.
    • Allow changing the direction of an index.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 04-24-2017


  • Improved error messages for ServiceNow integration.

  • Setup timeout on ServiceNow API calls to avoid stuck threads if ServiceNow instance is not responding in timely manner.

  • Deployments were getting stuck in Pending Approval mode, if there were more than one ServiceNow change tickets.

  • Links on Request and Execution screens have scroll bar now if there are many links for ServiceNow.

  • Updated Linux endpoint execution script to use Non-Bash safe syntax.

  • Added Re-Sort button to allow users to sort SQL objects after new files are populated from SCM. All new files are sorted but appended at the end in SQL Objects for EBS, so this would be helpful option.

  • Fixed issue – Maintain order on Re-build Package (Gear click).

Known Issues

  • This application release removes support for versions of the Oracle Database plugin before
  • If Oracle Database partial deploy projects were made with an older version of the plugin, finding project files will fail with this error:
  • To resolve that, the project properties tab needs to be opened and saved while a or newer version of the plugin is activated.

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle EBS Plugin - Support for EBS deployments across multiple endpoints which do not have a shared file system.

Incompatible Changes

  • EBS deploy operation has changed to allow deployments across multiple endpoints if necessary. In most cases, default of deploying to just one endpoint should work fine for most customers. But you must open your existing EBS Deployment workflow, make a copy, click on Deploy operation, click OK and Save, Activate the workflow. See below for an example on how deploy operation should look. The 05-05-2017 patch release fixes the read-only workflow which is missing the endpoint settings.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 04-07-2017


  • ServiceNow integration improvements to support Change Requests and Service Catalog Requests.
  • Workflow designer variable lookup updated to show Perforce and ClearCase related project source variables.
  • Clone depth for Local git repository updated to 2000. This should help with SCM file revision lookup on build request screen.
  • Change Management System – Related Changes input was missing on Partial Deployments project deploy request form.
  • Added support for Partial Deployments project to mass load project templates.
  • For Build All files scenario tolerate if some files are not found, this can be the case if some files are not part of stream being built.
  • Added FD_WF_USER and FD_WF_USER_EMAIL to Workflow Execution Context.
  • Added FD_ALL_FILES_REQUESTED and FD_PACKAGE_NAME to Workflow Execution Context.
  • Project Explorer tree will remove empty folders when performing Filtering. This should allow users to find specific projects easily.
  • Minor fixes to Test Connection for various SCM Instances to handle unexpected exceptions and show better error messages.

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle Service Bus Plugin - Added PreserveEnvironmentVariableValues property for the import operation.
  • Groovy Plugin - Enhancement - increased the size of the code snippet input.
  • Oracle Weblogic Plugin - fix issue with deploying rar files. Better support for stopping node manager.
  • Oracle EBS plugin - Build All no longer throws an error if a file has been removed from SCM since the last build. Added support for Perforce with Checkout Folders.
  • SVN plugin - Fix for exporting a single file with a checkout folder.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 - Patch Release 03-20-2017

Plugin Updates

  • OBI Plugin - Fix issue with property replacement in the RPD
  • Oracle Apex Plugin - Fix issues with compatibility with the Oracle Database plugin when both are configured on the same instance.
  • Mule Plugin - fix issues with Anypoint Runtime Manager Status checking and make the CloudHub properties easier to use
  • Oracle Database Plugin - fix issue with partial deploy preview mode showing that it would delete an index unnecessarily
  • Oracle WebLogic Plugin - fix issue when working with a cluster and a cluster exists in the domain with no member servers.

FlexDeploy 4.0.3

These release notes provide a high-level summary of the changes between FlexDeploy 4.0.2 and 4.0.3, and describe any changes that impact existing implementations.


  • Integration with ServiceNow to link FlexDeploy approvals with change requests. User can provide Change Request when submitting deployment request. Configurations are also possible to auto create change requests during deployment, or incidents upon deployment failure.
  • New screen to view build/deploy request detail, including pending and scheduled tasks, and linked JIRA/ServiceNow tickets. This allows users to view request details even when execution has not started. Requester can also cancel request if desired. 
  • FlexFields can now be configured for build requests in addition to deploy requests. FlexFields values are now available in Workflow Execution Context. Build request related FlexFields values are made available during deployment request also.
  • Improvements to Partial Deployment model, providing hybrid approach to manage full and partial deployments in a single project. Users can easily submit build request for all project files. Continuous Integration can also be setup for Partial Deployment project where package will be built with all files when change is detected in SCM.
  • Security Realms (LDAP) now support Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD).
  • Reports improvements – additional search criteria and results columns.
  • Required FlexFields must be entered before saving on the Continuous Integration page.

Plugin Updates

  • Subversion
    • For Partial Deploy projects, tagProjectSources operation now only tags files included in package instead of all files.
    • tagProjectSources operation now supports tag prefix and suffix to support use cases for tagging within deploy workflows.
  • Microsoft TFVC
    • For Partial Deploy projects, labelProjectSources operation now only labels files included in the package instead of all files.
    • labelProjectSources operation now supports label prefix and suffix to support use cases for tagging within deploy workflows.
  • Perforce
    • Checkout and export operations now support use of Label, previously only Change List Id was supported.
    • Issue fixed where Plugin operations failed to delete client/workspace.
    • Local workspace location is now relative to the FD_TEMP_DIR. This affects an input in most of the operations. Because of the new changes, you should put only relative paths or leave the input blank.
    • Add and Delete operation inputs have changed significantly, please see the Plugin Guide.
  • APEX
    • For the deploy operation, if the APEX SQL Files cannot be found, the plugin will return an error instead of ignoring the missing file.
  • Oracle Service Bus
    • Improved performance of concurrent OSB build executions.
    • Updated classpath for 12.2.x to include missing XQuery libraries.
  • Oracle MFT
    • Operation and plugin names changed for consistancy. Plugin is now "Oracle MFT". The operations changed from Build to build and Deploy to deploy.  This name change will require updating the workflow to use the updated names and to re-associate the plugin operation to your instance to make properties available.
    • Added support project file object type of OTHER.  These are file types which are unrecognized, and not moved by default.
  • Oracle Database
    • Fix for renaming tables when they are referred to by triggers.

      Upgrade Note

      The FDDB schema was changed from 4.0.2 Please run the 4.0 to 4.0.3 schema changes before using the 4.0.3 plugin.

  • Oracle EBS 
    • Fix for a few SQL commands executed twice during deploy.
    • Fix for MDS target attribute issue with extra mds folder.
    • Fix for generateCustomJar operation output data type issue.
  • Oracle B2B
    • Added B2B_User input on the plugin to allow a specific user to be set on the import operations
    • Fix for property replacement in configuration files.
  • Oracle OBIEE
    • OBIEE partial builds can be performed from SCM as well now. See the plugin guide for more information.
  • WebLogic 
    • Fix for JMS System Module creation

New Plugins

Key Defect Fixes

  • Users in External Realm were unable to access configured Deployment Environments on deploy request form.

Incompatible Changes

Flexagon makes every effort to maintain backward compatibility whenever possible.  Although rare, there are times when decisions are made to make incompatible changes which require changes to be made within customer implementations.

    • The build and deploy operations were incorrectly taking FlexField names rather than the codes.  The API has been corrected to utilize the JSON key “code” and a value of the FlexField code, rather than the name. Inputs already used the input codes, but the parameter name was "name". It has been changed to "code". Any external consumers of these APIs will need to be updated accordingly.
    • The updateProperties API now takes “code” parameter instead of “propertyName”.  The value was parameter name was changed from "updatedValue" to "value".  Any external consumers of these APIs will need to be updated accordingly.
    • Required FlexFields are now required when using the REST API.

Known Issues

  • Oracle Database
    • Before version,Partial Deploy Preview mode sometimes showed an index would be dropped which shouldn't be.
    • Before version, Partial Deployment of Indexes should be done as part of the table, and not using the index objects.
    • Before version, Dropping a View with a View Constraint drops the constraint after the view and throws an error. Please download the latest version from the support site.
    • Before version, Dropping and disabling constraints that are supported by indexes was not supported by the plugin.
    • Before version, changing the direction of an index was not supported by the plugin.
    • Before version, View constraints are not supported in partial deploy mode.
    • Before version, Renaming a column that had an index or constraint that depended on it caused an error. 
    • Before version, Synchronizing DDL that contains forward slashes in comments can cause problems.
    • Before version, Renaming columns when they are referred to by indexes and constraints is not supported by the plugin.
    • Constraints and Indexes must have the same name.

  • FlexDeploy
    • Browser auto fill feature can lead to issues when updating Property values. If you notice that browser is automatically populating encrypted values when you navigate to various screens, you can turn off auto fill in browser settings. For example, in Google Chrome fields may be highlighted yellow if values were auto filled.
  • Oracle BI
    • The RPD Property Replacement feature has a bug in versions < This plugin was released separately from the main 4.0.3 release. Please download it from the support site.
  • Oracle APEX
    • The Oracle Apex Plugin and Oracle Database Plugin use the same property, but prior to Oracle Apex plugin version, they used it differently. Customers should upgrade to version Please download it from the support site.
  • Oracle Weblogic
    • Versions before have a bug that when the domain being worked with contains a cluster with no members and an operation is targeted at a cluster, the operation fails with an error. Please download the latest version from the support site if this applies to your domain.
    • Version adds new support for EIS entries for custom adapters and eliminates the increase in file size of the adapter plan files with each deployment.

Upgrade Notes

When upgrading FlexDeploy you must apply database migration scripts for all updates/releases/fixpacks in the correct order.

If you are using the Plugin SDK be sure to update the FlexDeploy libraries to the version matching the FlexDeploy version. See FlexDeploy Plugin SDK to download libraries.

FlexDeploy 4.0.2

These release notes provide a high-level summary of the changes between FlexDeploy 4.0.1 and 4.0.2, and describe any changes that impact existing implementations.

General Defect Fixes / Enhancements

  • Added integration with Perforce Source Control Managment System
  • Fixed issue with overriding properties on a project for a named instance and environment
  • Added ProjectName groovy variable to to FlexField validation script
  • Added PrivateKey groovy variable to Endpoint Defaults script
  • Added encrypted flag for plugin user inputs, which should allow for passing encrypted Workflow inputs to plugins as user input.

Plugin Fixes / Enhancements

  • WebLogic
    • Fixed issue where connection to Admin Server or Node Manager was failing if using SSL and the DemoTrust key store
    • Fixed issue where Admin Server stop operation failed if it was started manually using WebLogic scripts 
    • Added support for properties and system properties on Datasources
    • Added support for migratable targets on JMS Queues
  • JDBC - Better handling of SQL/PLSQL comments
  • File - Added operation for performing string replacement within files.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence -  Added support for sourcing RPD and WebCatalog from an SCM
  • Git - Updated version validation check to support versions with alpha-numeric characters
  • Oracle SOA - Added support for SOA
  • Oracle B2B - Fixed issue with 11g classpath configuration
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
    • EBS Program Files deploy command is now generated without .prog extension in symbolic link
    • Fixed issue where SQL file executions were failing if the script contained an exit statment
    • Fixed issue where SQL Loader source property was ignored
    • Added EBS as a source type for building OAF personalization files

New Plugins

  • REST - Execute external REST services (e.g. GET, POST)
  • XPath - Extract data elements from XML and JSON messages
  • utPLSQL - Execute utPLSQL tests and test suites using FlexDeploy's test automation framework
  • Perforce - Perform basic SCM operations, such as checkout, export, and label
  • Oracle Managed File Transfer - Build and deploy MFT artifacts

Upgrade Notes

When upgrading from version older than 4.0.1 you must apply database migration scripts for all updates/releases/fixpacks in the correct order.

If you are using the Plugin SDK be sure to update the FlexDeploy libraries to the version matching the FlexDeploy verison. See FlexDeploy Plugin SDK to download libraries.

FlexDeploy 4.0.1

These release notes provide a high-level summary of the changes between FlexDeploy 4.0 and 4.0.1, and describe any changes that impact existing implementations.

Defect Fixes

  • Plugin step editor in workflow was displaying incorrect plugin name periodically.
  • Workflow variables of type Double cause NullPointerException

Plugin Updates

  • Oracle Data Integrator - now supports 12.2.x
  • Oracle Database - Synonyms, Materialized Views and Materialized View Logs now work with partial deployment
  • Oracle Database - Removed "Force Create Baseline" input on synchronize operation
  • Oracle JDeveloper - Plugin input description changes
  • Oracle WebLogic - Added Failed status check to server start operation
  • Microsoft TFVC - Fixed issue where files were read-only on checkout

Upgrade Note

When upgrading from version older than 4.0 you must apply database migration scripts for all updates/releases/fixpacks in the correct order.

FlexDeploy 4.0

These release notes provide a high-level summary of the changes between FlexDeploy 3.7.1 and 4.0, and describe any changes that impact existing implementations.

Extended Platform Support

  • FlexDeploy can now be installed on Apache Tomcat (version 8.55)


  • Override Project properties (Project or Environment-Instance scope) by combination of Environment, Instance or Environment/Instance. For example, you can now configure different WebLogic server name for each Environment.
  • Properties and Plugin inputs are now displayed using friendly display name, with "copy code to clipboard" icon for use in various Groovy scripts.
  • Workflow editor provides options to lookup variables/codes for use in Workflow Groovy scripts. 
  • View running/completed tests within dashboard.
  • Define security to control who can submit deployments to which environments.
  • Run workflows on an out-of-the-box endpoint (localhost) representing the FlexDeploy server.
  • Abort running workflows.
  • Stop deployment of dependent package(s) when executing deployment fails (partial deployment).
  • Type ahead search mechanism on build request form (partial deployment).
  • Multi-select to move project files to another type (partial deployment).
  • Multi-select to inactivate project files (partial deployment).
  • Multi-select to regenerate build/deploy commands (partial deployment).
  • Show new project files after populate (partial deployment).
  • Build package with changed files since last build (partial deployment).
  • Additional sample workflows provided.
  • Filtering of properties on Project and Environment Instance properties screen.
  • Requested By, Package Name and Project Version is now available as filter criteria on Project current activity table.
  • Project files filter button now works with press of Enter key. It also supports more complex filtering where you can type in multiple words separated by space and system will try to find best match files. 
  • Submit build or deployment request form will only list Environments that are mapped to project build or deployment Instance(s) respectively. 
  • Deployment submitter can now cancel associated Scheduled Task, even if they do not have Update permission to Scheduled Task. This is not true for Approval Tasks, which can only be cancelled by member of Group that has Approval Task.


  • Enhanced metadata around properties, workflow inputs & plugin inputs to drive enhance user experience and drive richer workflow capabilities. For example, 
    • Workflow inputs now support user friendly Display Name, List (single or multiple selection), Secure value (encrypted), Required/Length/Min/Max validations, custom Groovy script based initialization and validations.
    • Plugin developers can now configure Plugin inputs and properties with user friendly Display Name, List (single or multiple selection), Secure value (encrypted), Required/Length/Min/Max validations, custom Groovy script based validations.
    • Workflow developers can now configure custom properties with user friendly Display Name, List (single or multiple selection), Secure value (encrypted), Required/Length/Min/Max validations, custom Groovy script based initialization and validations.
    • Properties now has default value (literal or Groovy script based).
    • Users can now specify value of Property (Project or Environment/Instance) as Literal or Groovy script. 
  • New Plugin SDK, allowing customers and 3rd parties to create their own FlexDeploy plugins to integrate with virtually any middleware platform or technology.
  • New REST APIs for external integration into FlexDeploy. New APIs include updating properties, approving/rejecting tasks, running/cancelling scheduled tasks, and submitting build/deploy requests for partial deployments.
  • Approve FlexDeploy tasks based on Jira status changes.

Extended Support for Oracle EBS

  • Deployment support for Functional Setups
  • Download XML publisher and Workflows from EBS development instance during build
  • Extended XML Publisher deployment support for Bursting files, Data templates, Template sources
  • XML Publisher object types now support Custom Mode. 
  • Generate and sign custom production JAR files for OAF
  • Override database user and password used to load XML Definition Files.

New Plugins

Plugin Updates

Upgrade Note

Release 4.0 requires that all plugins be upgraded to the latest version which is distributed with the release.

Incompatible Changes

  • Workflow variable codes and input codes must be unique.  Prior to 4.0 it was possible to have an input and variable with the same name, which caused conflicts during execution.  If you have existing workflows with these naming conflicts you will need to resolve them prior to execution.

Known Issues

Oracle Database Plugin

  • Synonyms, Materialized Views and Materialized View Logs do not work with partial deployment

  • The synchronize operation does not honor the "Force Create Baseline" option on the request, and always creates a new baseline on deploy.

The following macros are not currently supported in the footer:
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