Approval Tasks

When a project request or pipeline gate is in the Pending Approval status, a defined person must approve the request before it is submitted for execution. In such cases, the approving persons are notified via email that they have a pending approval task.

FlexDeploy Administrators will see all approval tasks (even if they are not assigned to their group) and can approve/reject all tasks.

Users will access the Tasks screen in FlexDeploy by selecting Tasks from the menu.

The Search Tasks search box searches for the given search text in the following fields:

  • Approval Group Name

  • Assignee

  • Action By Name

  • CMS Ticket Number

  • Gate Name

  • Override By Name

  • Pipeline Name

  • Project Name

  • Project Version Name

  • Release Name

  • Step Name

  • Task Id

  • Workflow Request Id

  • Workflow Execution Id

Additionally, there are drop down searches for Environment, Task Type, Task Status, and a toggle for My Tasks.


To approve a request, click the Approve or Thumbs up button. To reject a request, click the Reject button. The +Person button assigns the task to yourself.

See also - Approve or Reject with Email Reply

Note regarding External Approval Tasks

Approval tasks generated from External Approvals are generally not intended to be approved through FlexDeploy. They are intended to be managed within the external system itself. However, the tasks can be approved here in the event that the linkage is somehow broken with the external system.  Note that approving the task in FlexDeploy will leave the task in the external system as pending approval.

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