FlexDeploy Installation Guide

The FlexDeploy™ Installation Guide provides system specifications and instructions for installing FlexDeploy and its components. See FlexDeploy Architecture for architecture details.

See FlexDeploy System Requirements for details on software and hardware requirements.

Automated Installation

Tomcat, InfluxDB, and Database Schemas are upgraded. This is supported only on Linux.

Automated Installer

Manual Installation

FlexDeploy can be installed or upgraded in a custom fashion on Windows or Linux. Usually the automated installer / upgraded above is recommended. Don’t follow this path without consulting the support team.

Manual Installation Instructions

Docker Installation

The following FlexDeploy docker images can be downloaded directly from docker hub.

  • flexdeploy/fd_tcat

  • flexdeploy/fd_tcat_postgres

    • This image is for POC and Demo purposes only. This means if you delete the image all of your data will be deleted, pull from Docker hub

    • Installation

      • Automated installation is not supported, however it’s a pretty simple installation process for this image, see Installation

Windows with embedded database for Trials

Tomcat, InfluxDB, and PostgreSQL is setup. This is supported only on Windows.

Running FlexDeploy with embedded database on Windows

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