Global Search

Global Search gives you the ability to quickly find what you are looking for in FlexDeploy.

Global search provides a consistent reliable search feature in FlexDeploy. While it is quite intuitive there are a number of features that are described in detail below.

Recently Accessed Items

By default when the global search is focused, and nothing is typed it will show your recently accessed items in FlexDeploy with the most recent being on top. This is a great feature for navigating back and forth between multiple Projects or Packages.

Searching FlexDeploy

Once text is typed into the search field the results will transition into showing items matching your search query as well as specific application pages.

Global Search Anatomy

The global search window consists of 3 main components:

  1. Search Prefix - The search prefix specifies which fields you want to search through. For example setting it to name will then search only for objects matching by their names. * equates to searching across all fields and is the default behavior. To change the prefix you can either select it by clicking on it. Or you can type the prefix manually in the search field. For example :tag testing will search for tags containing the text testing

  2. Search Text - The actual text you want to search for in FlexDeploy. You can specify multiple search strings by separating them with a space. For example searching for xxhr erick will search FlexDeploy for items containing both xxhr and erick in the specified search fields.

  3. Search Results - Relevant items matching your search text and prefix. Results can include: Projects, Packages, recently accessed items and specific pages within FlexDeploy.

Search Page

The global search input in the header shows at most 12 results. For cases where you need to see more or want more control over the search parameters, you can use the dedicated search page.

Each search is made of 1 or more criteria which each define search text and search fields. If multiple criteria are specified they are joined by AND instead of OR.

The above example is searching for items named xxhr, created by erick, with a tag of oracle.

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