FlexDeploy - Surround SCM Plugin Guide

The FlexDeploy Surround plugin makes it easy to interact with source code stored in Surround SCM. This plugin requires a Surround client to be installed on the FlexDeploy server and any endpoints which will execute Surround plugin operations. FlexDeploy allows users to configure Surround connection details to be shared by various projects and other configurations at a project level. This allows workflows to perform get, checkout, and checkin operations.

Supported Versions

  • 2018.2.0

Key Features

  • Executes native commands using Surround SCM client

Instance Properties

FlexDeploy supports creation of Surround SCM instances and the following properties will be configured for each Instance. These properties are available to all operations.

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription
Surround URL


YURL to the Surround server. E.g. sscm://surround.local:4900
Surround UserFDSURROUND_USERYSurround user.
Surround PasswordFDSURROUND_PASSWORDNSurround password.

Plugin Operations

Surround SCM Installation Steps

  1. Download surround SCM from here. We recommend using the Perl installer (Linux only), the Java installer doesn't seem to work at least for this version.
    1. Select earlier versions on the top right.
    2. Select the appropriate family and platform.
    3. Select the 2018.2.0 version, and if using Linux the Perl installer.
  2. Follow the installation instructions here. When installing, you will only need to select the client.
  3. If you are installing on the FlexDeploy server, the sscm executable needs to be on the path. Otherwise it needs to be on the path, or specified in the FDSURROUND_EXE_PATH environment/instance property.

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