Execute a Python script. The plugin provides the ability for the user to define additional inputs that will be available to the scripts when executing. In addition, the plugin provides the ability for the user to define any number of outputs from the execution of the script that could be utilized in subsequent steps in the workflow.

Environment/Instance Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription

Project Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
Code SnippetFDPYTHON_INP_CODE_SNIPPETYesExecute python code from an input.


This operation delegates the consume/produce artifacts decision to the workflow developer.

Endpoint Selection

This operation delegates endpoint selection to the workflow developer. The workflow editor will default the selection to "All", which selects all available endpoints associated to the environment instance. Selecting a specific resource will result in selection of endpoints associated to the environment instance which have that resource defined.

Endpoint Execution

This operation delegates endpoint execution to the workflow developer. The workflow editor will default to "Any", which will execute on any one of the selected endpoints, which will be randomly picked from selected endpoints or a specific endpoint where previous step may have executed. Changing this value to "All" to will result in execution on all selected endpoints.

Special Considerations

FlexDeploy Properties

FlexDeploy will pass in any Properties normally available in workflows via System Environment Variables.


Property Example
import os
TEST_INP = ​os.getenv('TEST_INP')


User defined outputs – an output must be defined in the workflow editor to be accessible. Within your script use the setOutput(Key,Value) function to set any outputs.


Output Example
setOutput("MY_STRING_OUTPUT","Output result") # output will be "Output result"
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