Upgrades the Oracle DDL of a specified schema to the supplied baseline. The baseline id is supplied by an artifact created by the createBaseline operation. The DDL is pulled from the DDL Repository and applied to the database specified by Oracle Database URL and Oracle Database Schema Name(s). The schema names must be the same in the different environments.

When deploying a baseline that contains rename views, sequences, or synonyms, the value of Environment Instance Property FDORA_USER must be the owner of the objects. Running the operation as another user will fail with ORA-04043.

When renaming columns and tables in the same build, set the properties like:

FDORA_TABLE_RENAMES - schema.old_table = schema.new_table

FDORA_COLUMN_RENAMES - schema.old_table.old_column = schema.new_table.new_column

As of release, you can specify renames without Schema prefixes, provided that you also leave the project property FDORA_SCHEMA_NAME blank. In this case, the schema will be set to the value of FDORA_USER and this value will be used for all renames.

FDORA_TABLE_RENAMES - old_table = new_table

FDORA_COLUMN_RENAMES - old_table.old_column = new_table.new_column

Environment/Instance Properties

Property Name

Property Code



Oracle Database URL



The JDBC URL for the target Oracle database.

This should be a complete JDBC URL (e.g. jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xe)

Oracle Database UserFDORA_USERYes

The username that will be used to connect to the target Oracle Database.

NOTE*** If the project property FDORA_SCHEMA_NAME is not set, then this becomes

the schema.

Oracle Database PasswordFDORA_PASSWORDYesThe password for Oracle Database User.
Target JDBC Driver Path.FDORA_DRIVER_PATHYesPath containing JDBC driver for target database connection.
DDL Repo JDBC Driver PathFDORA_DDL_DRIVER_PATHYesPath containing JDBC driver for DDL repository database connection.

The JDBC URL for the DDL repository.

This should be a complete JDBC URL (e.g. jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xe)

DDL Repository UserFDORA_DDL_USERYesThe userid used to connect to the DDL repository.
DDL Repository PasswordFDORA_DDL_PASSWORDYesThe password for the DDL repository userid.

Project Properties

Property Name

Property Code



Oracle Database Schema Name(s)FDORA_SCHEMA_NAME

Yes, until version 5.5.1.

Then it is not required.

Comma-separated list of schemas controlled by this project.

Leave this parameter blank if you want to have schema name different across environments.
The plugin will then use the FDORA_USER environment instance parameter as the schema name.

Typically this will be provided. However, since release 5.5.1, this property is optional.

If it isn't provided, FDORA_USER will be the schema that is tracked, and may differ through environments.


Input Name

Input Code




Determines what action to take for "dropping" columns.

Can be set to SET UNUSED or DROP.

Defaults to SET UNUSED


Whether to bypass actual execution of the DDL, and simply run the compare.

Defaults to true.

For Pre-deploy workflow this should be checked to only run compare and generate report for review. In addition FDORA_OUT_CHANGES_EXIST output should be saved in FD_REVIEW_REQUIRED workflow output for Pre-deploy workflow and in addition FD_REVIEW_GROUP to assign Review tasks to specific group(s).


If a deployment failure occurs, should the database be rolled back to the previous state?

Defaults to false.

If true, the snapshot taken as the deployment starts will be rolled back to. If false, the database will be left in the state it is in after the first failure. The deployment stops after the first failure occurs.


Added in

If a deployment failure occurs, but it is successfully rolled back to the previous version, should the workflow still be failed?

Defaults to true.

Include TablespacesFDORA_TABLESPACE_FLGNoSetting this to true causes create statements to include tablespace information where appropriate.  This adds the tablespace clause to all creates. Defaults to false.  Requires segments attributes to be enabled also.
Include Segment attributesFDORA_SEGMENT_ATTRIBUTES_FLGNoSetting this to true causes create statements to include tablespace segment attribute information where appropriate.  Defaults to false.
Include StorageFDORA_STORAGE_FLGNoSetting this to true causes create statements to include storage information where appropriate.  This adds the STOREAGE clause with its values on all creates. Defaults to false.    Requires segments attributes to be enabled also. 


Output Name





This is the baseline ID currently deployed to the target environment OR the baseline ID created from this deployment.

FDORA_OUT_NEW_BASELINE_IDNoThis is the baseline ID being deployed to this environment.
FDORA_OUT_DELTA_BASELINE_IDNoThe ID to track the DDL used for this deployment.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_TABLE_COUNTNoCount of tables dropped.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_TABLE_COUNTNoCount of tables created.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_TABLE_COUNTNoCount of tables altered.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_COLUMNS_COUNTNoCount of columns dropped.
FDORA_OUT_ADD_COLUMNS_COUNTNoCount of columns added.
FDORA_OUT_MODIFY_COLUMN_COUNTNoCount of columns modified.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_CONSTRAINT_COUNTNoCount of constraints dropped.
FDORA_OUT_ADD_CONSTRAINT_COUNTNoCount of constraints added.
FDORA_OUT_MODIFY_CONSTRAINT_COUNTNoCount of constraints modified.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_INDEX_COUNTNoCount of indexes dropped.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_INDEX_COUNTNoCount of indexes created.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_INDEX_COUNTNoCount of indexes altered.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_VIEW_COUNTNoCount of views dropped.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_VIEW_COUNTNoCount of views created.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_VIEW_COUNTNoCount of views altered.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_SEQUENCE_COUNTNoCount of sequences dropped.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_SEQUENCE_COUNTNoCount of sequences created.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_SEQUENCE_COUNTNoCount of sequences altered.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_PROCEDURE_COUNTNoCount of procedures dropped.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_PROCEDURE_COUNTNoCount of procedures created.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_PROCEDURE_COUNTNoCount of procedures altered.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_TRIGGER_COUNTNoCount of triggers dropped.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_TRIGGER_COUNTNoCount of triggers created.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_TRIGGER_COUNTNoCount of triggered altered.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_SYNONYM_COUNTNoCount of synonyms dropped.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_SYNONYM_COUNTNoCount of synonyms created.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_FUNCTION_COUNTNoCount of functions dropped.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_FUNCTION_COUNTNoCount of functions created.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_FUNCTION_COUNTNoCount of functions altered.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_TYPE_COUNTNoCount of types dropped.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_TYPE_COUNTNoCount of types created.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_TYPE_COUNTNoCount of types altered.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_TYPE_BODY_COUNTNoCount of type body drops.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_TYPE_BODY_COUNTNoCount of type body creates.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_TYPE_BODY_COUNTNoCount of type body alters.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_PACKAGE_COUNTNoCount of packages dropped.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_PACKAGE_COUNTNoCount of packages created.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_PACKAGE_COUNTNoCount of packages altered.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_PACKAGE_BODY_COUNTNoCount of package body drops.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_PACKAGE_BODY_COUNTNoCount of package body creates.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_PACKAGE_BODY_COUNTNoCount of package body alters.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_MVIEW_COUNTNoCount of materialized view drops.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_MVIEW_COUNTNoCount of materialized view creates.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_MVIEW_COUNTNoCount of materialized view alters.
FDORA_OUT_DROP_MVIEW_LOG_COUNTNoCount of materialized view log drops.
FDORA_OUT_CREATE_MVIEW_LOG_COUNTNoCount of materialized view log creates.
FDORA_OUT_ALTER_MVIEW_LOG_COUNTNoCount of materialized view log alters.
FDORA_OUT_OBJECT_GRANT_COUNTNoCount of object grants.
FDORA_OUT_BL_TABLE_COUNTNoCount of tables in the new baseline.
FDORA_OUT_BL_INDEX_COUNTNoCount of indexes in the new baseline.
FDORA_OUT_BL_CONSTRAINT_COUNTNoCount of constraints in the new baseline.
FDORA_OUT_BL_SEQUENCE_COUNTNoCount of sequences in the new baseline.
FDORA_OUT_BL_PROCEDURES_COUNTNoCount of procedures in the new baseline.
FDORA_OUT_BL_VIEWS_COUNTNoCount of views in the new baseline.
FDORA_OUT_BL_SYNONYMS_COUNTNoCount of synonyms in the new baseline.
FDORA_OUT_BL_MVIEW_COUNTNoCount of materialized views in the new baseline.
FDORA_OUT_BL_MVIEW_LOG_COUNTNoCount of materialized view logs in the new baseline.
FDORA_OUT_RENAME_TABLE_COUNTNoCount of table renames processed.
FDORA_OUT_RENAME_COLUMN_COUNTNoCount of column renames processed.
FDORA_OUT_RENAME_CONSTRAINT_COUNTNoCount of constraint renames processed.
FDORA_OUT_RENAME_INDEX_COUNTNoCount of index renames processed.
FDORA_OUT_RENAME_VIEW_COUNTNoCount of view renames processed.
FDORA_OUT_RENAME_SEQUENCE_COUNTNoCount of sequence renames processed.
FDORA_OUT_RENAME_TRIGGER_COUNTNoCount of trigger renames processed.
FDORA_OUT_RENAME_SYNONYM_COUNTNoCount of synonym renames processed.
FDORA_OUT_BL_PRIVILEGES_COUNTNoCount of object privileges in the new baseline.
FDORA_OUT_CHANGES_EXISTNoReturns true if changes exist as part of execution of this operation. This output can be saved in FD_REVIEW_REQUIRED output for Pre-deploy workflow and in addition FD_REVIEW_GROUP to assign Review tasks to specific group(s).


This operation consumes artifacts from the artifacts repository.

Endpoint Selection

This operation will select all available endpoints associated to the environment/instance.

Endpoint Execution

This operation will execute on any one of the selected endpoints and will be random in the determination of which one.

Special Considerations

The plugin currently requires the source and target schema names to be the same.

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