Installs node and global packages. This operation can be placed right before other node executions in build, deploy, test, or utility workflows. If node is already installed in specified folder, this operation will not perform any changes. Note that this operation will install specific version based folder for each version of node and manage global packages in that upon execution.


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription

Folder with Install Name is used in installation path. This should be helpful when separate global package configurations is required for various projects.

This input defaults to shared.

For example, <Endpoint Working Directory>/installs/nodejs/{FDNODE_INP_INSTALL_NAME}/{FDNODE_INP_NODE_VERSION}

e.g. /var/flexdeploy/production/installs/nodejs/shared/v10 is where node will be installed for shared as name and v10.

If you need specific combination of node and global packages, you can install that in separate folder and use necessary node based execution using that installation.


Version of node to be installed. Each version is installed in separate folder under Node Install Name folder.

This input defaults to v14.


Space separated list of NPM packages that will be installed globally. You can specify versions by appending the version after the package with @ sign. (For example, grunt@1.3.0 grunt-cli@1.3.2)

It is recommended to use versions like grunt@1.3.0 instead of just grunt to get predictable behavior for builds.


Output NameDescription
FDNODE_OUT_NODE_PATHAn absolute path where Node and Global Packages were installed.


This operation does not produce or consume artifacts.

Endpoint Selection

This operation delegates endpoint selection to workflow developer.

Endpoint Execution 

This operation delegates endpoint execution to workflow developer.

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