Creating Endpoints (Getting Started)

The next step is to configure FlexDeploy with endpoints that provide the ability to communicate with each build and deploy server across your topology.

Let's start by creating a BuildEndpoint which will hold the properties needed to connect to a server used for building applications. This server should have JDeveloper installed.

To view the list of endpoints defined within FlexDeploy, select Topology menu, then click on Endpoints from left menu. Click thebutton to create a new endpoint.

Fill in the appropriate values for your server and click on the Test Connection button to test your configuration. Additional information regarding endpoint configuration can be found in the FlexDeploy User's Guide. When the Test Connection is successful, click Save.

Follow the same steps to add an endpoint for the SOA and ADF servers.

Endpoint forNotes

Host referenced must have JDeveloper installed.

Alternatively, you can install JDeveloper on same host as FlexDeploy server and use out of box LOCALHOST endpoint as well, but it is good idea to put JDeveloper on separate VM to avoid performance problems in FlexDeploy application due to build activity.

ADFHost referenced must be AdminServer host of ADF WebLogic Domain.
SOAHost referenced must be AdminServer host of SOA WebLogic Domain.

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