FlexDeploy Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide aims to get customers and potential customers on the fast-track for getting FlexDeploy up and operational in a very short period of time. This guide anchors on configuring FlexDeploy to perform build and deployments for Oracle ADF and SOA Suite (for a single deployment environment – e.g. Development). The same steps can be used to configure FlexDeploy for other technologies and/or environments.

This guide does not cover all features or configuration options for FlexDeploy. The complete documentation can be found in the FlexDeploy User's Guide.


This guide assumes that you have the following prerequisites in place.

  1. FlexDeploy is installed and running (whether as a production implementation or the trial edition).

  2. A computer (server or PC/Laptop) which has the software components required for executing Oracle ADF and SOA Suite builds. (For the purposes of a trial this can be the same PC/Laptop which hosts the FlexDeploy server). The required build software components are:
    • An SSH Server (i.e. OpenSSH)
    • Oracle JDeveloper
  3. You must have existing JDeveloper projects containing an Oracle ADF application and Oracle SOA Suite composite, and have them under a FlexDeploy supported source control system. This guide will walk through the steps necessary to configure FlexDeploy to begin building and deploying these projects.

Supported SCM Types

Configuration Steps

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