Saved Queries

Saved Queries allow users to save search criteria and additional formatting options to keep your data just the way you like it.

What are Saved Queries

Saved Queries are capable of saving the following information so you can quickly return to, or even set default, views for tables.

  • Search Filters

  • Sort Directions

  • Visible/Hidden columns

  • Column Order

  • Column Sizes

For example in the below screenshot we have a saved query applied for the Environment History Report called Production. This Saved Query applies a filter on Environment for “Prod“ and sorts on the Requested On column.

By default, the last Saved Query we were viewing on a page will be restored when coming back. Meaning this Production query will be applied to this page indefinitely.

Creating a Saved Query

In order to create a Saved Query perform the following:

Apply any filters, sorts, or column altering you would like to be saved.

Click on the Select a saved query dropdown and click the Add Query button.

Give your Saved Query a meaningful name. This is how you will identify it later.

At any point, we can now return to this table and easily apply this Saved Query.

Modifying a Saved Query

In order to modify a Saved Query it must first be selected.

With the Query selected, modify the filters, sorts, and columns as you normally would.

Notice the query name is now italic For Docs. This indicates changes have been made to the query.

Click on the Save Icon to the right of the Saved Query dropdown to save your changes.

Alternatively you can also undo the changes by clicking the Undo Icon to the left. This will reset the Saved Query to its original state.

Pro Tip

You can easily duplicate queries by simply selecting the one you wish to copy and then clicking the Add Query button again and providing a new name.

Changing the Query Name

To change the name of a Saved Query click the Select a saved query dropdown

Click the menu options on the right side of the Query you want to rename

Select the rename option and provide a new name



Can you share Saved Queries?

While this is on our roadmap, you can not presently share Saved Queries across users.

My Query shows as dirty even after undoing changes

Sometime this can occur between releases if the column names change. In this case you can freely save the query updates to accept the new column name.

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