Webhook Functions

Webhook Functions are groovy scripts which are executed when a webhook is received by FlexDeploy. Incoming webhook messages are matched to a Function first by matching to a provider, then by the Function's URI. Each webhook provider may have multiple Functions, and multiple Functions may be executed for one incoming message, though the order of execution is indeterminate.

Viewing Webhook Functions

Access functions by navigating to Administration → Integrations → Webhooks.

Creating/Editing Webhook Functions

To create a new Function, click the  button. To view or edit a Function, click on the name of the Function.




The name of the function

DescriptionThe description for the function
ProviderProvider the function is for
UriPath webhook will be sent (appended to /flexdeploy/webhooks/v1)
ActiveWhether or not the function is active (Defaults to Yes)

Groovy Script

The Groovy script for the Function will be executed when a webhook is received at the listed URI that has been matched to the selected Provider. The editing window has capabilities for undo, redo, find, find and replace, and go to line. There are a variety of context variables and methods available to use in this script. Type Ctrl + Space in the editor for suggestions on variables and methods that can be used. See more examples of Functions on our Sample Implementations page.

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