The Defaults page provides a mechanism for configuring defaults for different objects using the Groovy scripting language. Select the Default Type to modify. Enter groovy script to define default values for variables described in the help text. Defining defaults helps in increasing productivity as these values are set as defaults when you create Endpoints, Projects, etc.

Each Default Type selection will list variables that can be set or used in a Groovy script. The script will be validated for syntax and variable usage on save. If an incorrect variable is used, the script will fail to save with an error message.

You can setup a default value with just an assignment statement. For example, OsType="UNIX"; will return UNIX for the OsType variable. These variables are input to scripts, if they currently have a value for an object being modified/created. Defaults are mostly invoked when objects are being created.

The following sections describes the Default Types which are supported in FlexDeploy.

Maintain Defaults

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